Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day

This is a little belated, but I wanted to write it in honor of my wonderful husband! He is such a great father to his daughter, Abby and our two dogs, Sampson & Maya. We are so blessed to have a wonderful family. I can only imagine where the road will take us. I know that when we have children he will be the best father around. He already is! He is strict, patient, kind, loving, humorous and he does all these things while being overworked and underpaid and being a full-time student. I don't know how he does it!
Also, a big shout-out to my father. The first father I knew. Many of the attributes that Murad possesses are also things that my father has. He was always there for us as children and willing to teach us new things. He wanted to expose us to all types of lifestyles, cultures and individuals. He made sure we were raised with manners and appreciated everything we got!

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