Wednesday, October 6, 2010

color confidential

Yes, I stole the title of this post from a show featured on HGTV!
So, I think I have finally decided on paint colors.

Living Room, hall, guest bath - Chamomile
guest bath cabinet - Moody Blue
Kitchen - Tansy Green

I also decided to paint the entire family room instead of just an accent wall. I think it will really warm up the room. It will also compliment the hall and bathroom. I chose Moody Blue for the cabinets in the guest bath because the shower curtain in there has a paisley design made up of a cream background and pinks, greens and a hint of blue. Finally, tansy green will be used throughout the entire kitchen. It's a warm green and will add a bit of color in a dark brown and sand kitchen.


  1. Those are really pretty colors! I don't know if you noticed this when you posted the colors, but on your blog they have a white border, which I think makes them really pop. It would be really cool if you used a white trim with all the colors :) Very good choice :)

  2. Thanks, Stephanie! We actually have white trim all throughout the house, so I'm hoping that the colors will pop! I will post pics once I'm done.