Thursday, June 20, 2013

Meatless Monday...Extended?

Once a week, I try to cook a meatless meal for my family. This usually occurs on Monday (thanks, Foodbabe!), but I'm happy just to get it in one day a week.

The end of May and the beginning of June was a roller-coaster time for our family. We experienced many highs and lows. We had visitors, we traveled, we cried and we celebrated. We also ate a lot of fast food. We ate a lot of bad food at restaurants. We ate a lot of junk food at home.

When I returned from Wichita, I decided I wanted to sort of detox from everything bad. I didn't fast, but I didn't eat meat. I came back craving veggies. So, on Wednesday I picked up a bunch of fruits, veggies and wonderful sprouted grain tortillas. I made yummy burritos, veggies pizzas, salads, and other vegetarian dishes. On Sunday, we celebrated Father's Day with donuts and take out from Applebee's, but I ordered tilapia with steamed veggies.

Today is Thursday and I have not had meat since Sunday (if you count fish). I'm not saying that I won't eat meat, but at this point I like exploring the veggie options. Murad has been surprisingly supportive. While he isn't joining me on this journey, he does provide me with encouragement. Today he picked up tacos and made sure to get me black bean tacos! So sweet!

I went to the doctor on Wednesday and I've already lost four pounds. When I see immediate results, it motivates me to continue on this journey. After I left teaching, I started gaining back the baby weight I lost. I'm hoping that with this new lifestyle change I'll have more energy to exercise and get my weight back to an ideal size. If I lose ten pounds, I'll be happy! Since I'm returning to work full-time this fall, I'm sure I'll lose more weight!

If you have yummy vegetarian recipes, please send them my way!

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