Monday, September 30, 2013

We've Survived!

We made it through one month of preschool! Today, I paid the tuition for October (ouch!) and realized that we had successfully made it. It hasn't been without ups and downs. Joely still has anxiety when we drop him off each morning, but he loves it once he gets there. He's had some issues with pinching, scratching and biting other children. We're not sure if he's doing it to be mean or because he likes them. We're trying to model good behavior and it seems like we have some good days and bad days. Nevertheless, his teachers and director are all very supportive of how we address it at home and address it the same way at school. I think that's what has been very important to us. We had such a horrible first daycare experience that I quit my job and worked from home for a year. I sent him to an in-home daycare with one other kid part-time for that year and now we're back, but in a whole new situation. I was hesitant about putting him in an actual daycare center/preschool as opposed to an in-home daycare, but all of my fears have been put to ease. Everyone at his school knows him. Everyone at his school smiles and seems happy to be there. The kids seem happy to be there. We love that the center is filled with activities and equipment that appeal to the multiple intelligences. We also like that there is not a big focus on technology. I can't tell you how many schools we visited that boasted using (which we have at home, but we use it sparingly) or some other technology application. His school library has two or three computers that students can use, but it's definitely not the focus like at some places. Speaking of library, Joely loves to "read." Instead of reading to him, Joely wants to get "book" and show us the pictures, "see, see." It's so cute. I love hearing his little voice getting excited about what he's learned. Joely is also a pretty popular guy at school. All the kids say hi and bye to him when we drop him off and pick him up. He loves to sing in the circle with the kids. I'm just so happy that things are working out for him. This makes returning to work full-time 10x easier than I expected. I'm feeling very blessed to be in this moment. I feel like we finally have the life we envisioned when we married (well, before we married). Murad and I muse that we're finally having "kid" problems. No more baby problems. I thought I'd be sad. I will admit there are days that I long to hold a little 3 or 4 month old, smell a baby's breath, and nurse a baby (I know. I'm weird). However, I am completely in love with this little boy. He has given us so, so much joy. He's been such a light in our lives. He's more than we ever could have asked for, and at times I feel as though we don't deserve him. That's why I'm so glad that we found a school that fits him. I'm glad we found a school where he is loved. I'm glad we found school where he learns. I'm glad we found a school where he's happy! This one thing makes me feel as though I'm doing something right as his mama.

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