Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Wonderful Husband

My husband and son went out of town this weekend to visit my stepdaughter. Last night, he told me that he just wanted to give me a break from taking care Of them. He said, "I hope you didn't miss us. I really wanted you to relax." Relax I did! I feel rejuvenated and ready to take care of my little family. It's so nice having a husband who recognizes all you do to make the house a home, raise the children and love and support the husband. It's refreshing to have someone who recognizes when you need a break. It's also nice to have a husband who can take care of his child all on his own. He knows Joely as well as me. He also did a good job of giving Abby the attention she needs and foster a brother/sister relationship between the two. I love that when he comes home, he ecstatic to see and hold me. I'm one lucky gal! I love my wonderful husband!!

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