Monday, November 2, 2009

let the countdown begin...

Thanksgiving is almost here. Today, the 2nd day of November, marks the official countdown to 2010. I'm so excited for what the new year will bring. 2009 was wonderful! I planned the wedding of my dreams for a fraction of what most weddings cost. I married the man of my dreams! However, I feel like between now and then I will be so busy. Here are some highs and lows for the rest of 2009!
November 7th - marks the anniversary of my cousin's death. not sure how I'll deal with it, but it's inevitable that this would come. It's hard to believe it's been a year. a freakin' year. it still seems like he's here. I've been having panic attacks. it's almost like I'm reliving the moment my dad called me with the news and I can't breathe.
November 12th - Dad's 63rd birthday
November 13th - Language Arts teachers at the lake. should be an exciting weekend
November 14th - last new member class at church
November 15th - become a new member at my church
November 21st - my friend Jodi's baby's 1st birthday
November 25th - leave for New Jersey
November 27th - 76ers game (my 1st NBA game)
November 28th - Mr. Soup's 10 year reunion
November 29th - Philadelphia Eagles game (my 2nd NFL game)
December 5th - possible girls' weekend in OKC
December 12th - Willie's wedding in OK
December 19th - Mr. Soup's graduation and party
December 25th - Christmas somewhere in KS
December 31st - NYE somewhere!

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  1. 2009 maybe wasn't so fine, but in 2010 you're sure to win! ha ha, my lame attempt to cheer you up with a stupid rhyme! sounds like you're one busy chica! if you have any free time while in KS let me know. i'd love to get together with you--it's been so darn long!!! i hated missing your wedding-- when it's time for your baby shower i better not be preggers-- or at least not in the very late stages of pregnancy!