Saturday, February 13, 2010

cooking with the campbells....for real, son!

I am a collector of recipes. I love collecting recipes and then redistributing them as my own to others! No lie. some of my favorite recipes include: zesty barbeque chicken, turkey/spinach meatloaf, chicken croissant casserole, fiesta chicken casserole (can you tell I like casseroles?), chicken roll-ups....but I don't have too many baking recipes, so I'm taking all the dessert recipes that you have!

so tomorrow is valentine's day. since we are low on funds due to some rather large upcoming purchases, I will be making some edible treats to celebrate my man! I am very lucky that my husband loves my cooking. He is always encouraging me to try new recipes and he usually loves everything I make. However, pastries are another story. We both love buttercream frosting, but our tastes kind of end there. So, if you have anything extra sweet and buttercreamy, please send it my way.

We both love chocolate covered pretzels, so tomorrow I'm making candy-covered pretzels and I'm wanting to try out this new recipe I found....champagne cupcakes. Mr. Soup and I have 6 or 7 bottles of champagne left over from our wedding. We plan to open a bottle of wine or champagne from our wedding every anniversary until we run out. However, I kind of want to open a bottle tomorrow to make these yummy treats. I'm a total dork and think it's kinda cool that they are champagne cupcakes and one of our wedding colors was champagne. Maybe I could find some periwinkle sprinkles to go on top!

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