Sunday, January 31, 2010

28 is great!

28 is great! I guess I'm partial because everyone has been telling me how young I look. I just feel good about 28. I'm probably the happiest I've been in a while. I'm married to the man of my dreams. I have two beautiful dogs. I have a wonderful life! I feel like everything is coming together as well. Mr. Soup is in grad school, so only one more year of being poor. He just got promoted to case manager at his job, so things are really looking up. I have an awesome student teacher and I love my students! I've just been enjoying life a lot lately. I'm really proud of myself for working out consistently. I don't go out much anymore, so it's not tempting to drink as much, but I've really cut down drinking wine. Mr. Soup and I have become addicts. I think we could watch The Office reruns on non-stop!
It's been an awesome birthday week! It's also been a very busy week. On Sunday I went to church and went out to lunch with the twenties n' thirties group (TNT). It was really fun to meet new people and feel more a part of my church. On Monday night, I attended my first ladies' Bible study. Again, another awesome experience. I'm really excited to be part of this amazing group of women. We have some exciting events coming up. Tuesday was my birthday. Mr. Soup had grad school, so I spent most of the evening opening gifts by myself (lame) and then I went to spin class with my friends Kristin and Melanie. Mr. Soup called me when spin ended because he got out of class early, so we went out to eat as we planned. So good to have time just to be out and enjoy each other's company.
Yesterday I went to dinner with some friends from work and my good friend Christina. There were supposed to be more people, but with the cold weather lots of people ended up sick. It was still awesome especially since KU beat K-State!!!!!
Okay, so I felt like Mr. Soup and I had talked the home-buying conversation to death. However, we have officially decided to start looking for homes and we *hope* to buy a house by May. We recently learned of some new homebuyer programs that we qualify for since I'm a teacher and he's in graduate school. We have been generously blessed with financial help for our down payment from family, so we hope to get everything worked out this week and start looking. Plus, our dream starter house was lowered by $5,000. so that's a sign, right? So, please keep us in your thoughts. This is all new to us, but so exciting.
This upcoming week will be busy as well. I am going out to eat with some friends on Tuesday night in Uptown, hopefully meeting with a realtor, and on Sunday we will root on the Saints (well I will root for the Saints and Mr. Soup will root for the Colts) in the superbowl! WHO DAT!

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