Sunday, January 24, 2010

Brad & Angelina break up and other world events....

Personal Updates first:
Murad has dropped 20 lbs. I went to the doctor on Monday and I've lost two pounds. Despite my crying about my weight gain, my doctor said my weight isn't a problem at all, but still. We all want to look better, right?
We found a really cute home for rent. It's perfect....4 bedrooms, 2 bath, 2 car garage, 2 living rooms. However, I'm thinking we shouldn't rent. I just think we'd be throwing away a ton of money when we could save for a house. Nevertheless, I won't hide my eagerness to get out of this apartment. I know next year is a better time to buy since Mr. Soup will be done with grad school and earning a full salary. Also, Mr. Soup is going to look for jobs in Kansas City and Dallas. Either one would be an ideal choice. We have friends and family in Kansas/Missouri and we've built a great life here in Dallas. So it's better to wait to know exactly where we'll be.
I know I have to be patient and continue to save $$$. One thing we have decided to do is expand our search in Dallas. Homes in Richardson are nice, but really small; some less than 2000 sq. feet. I worry that we'd outgrow it in a couple of years, especially since we want to have children soon. We decided to look north. McKinney is too far. Plano: hell no. We're considering Allen. It's far north, but it wouldn't be a bad commute. The homes are larger and compare in price to Richardson. So for now we have a couple of neighborhoods in Richardson/N. Dallas narrowed down and we'll add some in Allen to our list as well.
okay, so I chopped off inches yesterday. My hair had just gotten so long and unhealthy. I never really had a hair style and as a result my hair had no shape. I like the new hair cut, it's just hard to get used to right away. I'm used to running my fingers through long hair that falls past my shoulders. Now it's at my chin. I'm sure no one will mistake me for a sixteen year old anymore! That is okay. I'm learning to embrace getting older. I'm actually excited to turn 28 on Tuesday. My life is wonderful and I only have good things to look forward to as we grow older.
World Events:
Brad & Angelina? This doesn't really affect my life except for the fact that now Murad and I are America's cutest couple. We're eager for the paparazzi to start invading our lives, star in movies, earn millions, vacation all over the world, etc.
Conan? I can't believe all the drama that went along with that. I didn't watch his last episode (I wish I would've), but I'm sad to see him go.
Haiti- I watched part of the concert for charity on Friday. I am overwhelmed by the way Americans are pouring out support. I've even heard that some people are looking to adopt some of the orphaned children. What a blessing!! I urge everyone to lend their support in any way.
The Scott Roeder trial began this past week. It was very surreal watching members of my home congregation in Wichita, KS testify as witnesses. It was hard to watch them relive the day that evil man walked into our church and killed one of our parishoners. I saw glimpses of Dr. Tiller's family on television as well. The were crying and looking down as they replayed images of Dr. Tiller's body being taken from our church. I can only hope that God gives them the strength to get through the trial and that justice is served in this matter.


  1. must post new hair pics! good outlook on turning 28. it seems i get worse (emotionally) with each birthday that draws me nearer to 30. i, too, hope and pray that justice is served to that evil monster!

  2. Um...I didn't even know Brangelina was no more!!! Forget PerezHilton, I'm checking SoupKitchen from here on ;)