Saturday, January 16, 2010

everything is coming into place...sorta

okay, so I'll update the resolutions first. Mr. Soup has lost 9 lbs and counting. He's been running 5 days a week and consuming delicious, nutritious meals from mwa! I haven't weighed myself, but Mr. Soup told me that my butt is a lot firmer. "It's not as jiggly as it usually is." Thanks! I've worked out twice this week which means I need to fit in a work-out today. This week we ate soup, chicken croissant casserole, turkey tacos and salads. However, I did go to Happy Hour, so that day as a loss.

We are kind of behind on planning our cruise. We both have to get new passports. I'm lucky that I can just send my old one end with my marriage certificate. We were kind of relaxed on getting passports because you technically don't need one for a cruise, but in the event of an emergency it would be best to have one. So at first we werent' going to get passports, but then we decided (like yesterday) to get them.

Mr. Soup has two job offers! This is awesome because it will allow him to still go to school full-time, do his practicum, and not work weekends. Either one will be a huge pay raise as well. He hopes to be able to go visit Abby at least once a month now. I think this will have a huge effect on her. She will be so excited to see her daddy more regularly.

So, everything seems to be coming in place....but his graduate school still has not received his transcript from undergrad. So, right now he's not eligible for financial aid. I'm confident everything will work out for the best. They haven't dropped him from his classes and he's done everything else like he should've. I hate how everything is not in his hands, but what can he do?

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