Friday, March 19, 2010

March Craftness

I thought I'd add some of the paperie stuff I worked on while watching basketball today. One is an anniversary card for Mr. Soup. I had some cool Mexican themed paper for his card, but since we didn't get to go to Mexico I opted for the orange and blue fish (his favorite colors). I like the lone orange fish because I feel like he picked me out of a sea of blue fish! I put the star on the back because it was kind of a running theme in our wedding, plus we have stars all over our apartment as decorations. The card I made Abby is a get well card. She had her tonsillectomy on Wednesday and since there is snow in KS, we won't get to see her this weekend =(
Last night Mr. Soup and I met with the realtor. We narrowed down an area and we are going to start looking at houses next weekend. I have a favorite and Mr. Soup has a favorite. My favorite is a little small, but it is completely update. Brand new carpet, floors, new cabinets and brand new bathrooms. Mr. Soup's is a little dated, but it's huge and has a pool. Both homes have 4 bedrooms and a tall fence (those are our two must haves), so we'll see what happens.

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