Tuesday, March 16, 2010


This is my favorite time of year! I absolutely love college basketball. One of the reasons why we had our wedding in March last year was not only because we met in the spring, but because of my love of basketball. I love that each year we'll wedding anniversary and basketball season during the same time. I filled out my bracket today and entered in a few pools! Mr. Soup was really excited that UNT made it, but I have a feeling that K-State will pound them. Nevertheless, I'm sharing in his excitement.
March Madness extends a little bit further than just basketball in our household. Last year we were preparing to marry. We had the craziness of tying up last minute details, getting our marriage license and hosting friends and family in our city. This year we will spend our one year anniversary on the road. We still plan to eat our cake and drink some wine when we return. Abby will have a tonsilectomy tomorrow, so Mr. Soup and I are going to drive to Kansas this weekend to see her. I wish we could've been there for the actual surgery or that she could've had it done here, but it was all very last minute. I know she'll be fine, but surgeries are a big deal, especially for a little girl. I'm glad we'll be able to spend some time with her afterwards.
I paid off my car! I mailed in a big ole' check (I paid it off a few months early) a few weeks ago!
Mr. Soup and I finally got preapproved. We were really lagging on getting all the paperwork ready, but we finally did and got preapproved a week later. We got $10,000 more than we pre-qualified for and we meet with our realtor this week. We've already found some homes that we'd like to see. It all seems surreal, but I know it will feel very real, very soon.
So the madness in our house started very early in March, but we are very excited about it!

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