Sunday, April 10, 2011


So, I'm guessing JT must love strawberries. I have never been the type to get super excited about fruit. I love vegetables and meat. I could eat zuchini, carrots, peppers, and other vegetables all day long! Since becoming pregnant I crave fruits. I drink grapefruit juice daily (never did that before). I used to eat oranges everyday twice a day, but now I stick to bananas and strawberries. Man, there are some huge, plump strawberries at the market lately. I absolutely love them. I could eat them all day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I'm wondering if that means that JT will like strawberries? I wonder what foods he will like? What toys will be his favorite? What things will make him happy? mad? sad? As I'm nearing the end of my pregnancy (8 months on Thursday), I start to wonder about what it will be like to have him here. I'm not looking forward to the feedings every three hours, the crying, the diapers, taking an hour to get ready to go somewhere, etc. However, I am looking forward to the feedings because it means I get to hold him close. the crying? I'll get to soothe him and hold him. I can't wait to kiss his little toes. I long to hold his little hands and look in his eyes.
I think what makes this so special is how excited Mr. Soup is too. Today he woke up and told me that while I was asleep, he spent some time talking to my belly and feeling JT move around. He also has been nesting quite a bit. Fixing things around the house and now he's decided that we should install hardwoods in the family room before JT arrives (why didn't he think of this a few months ago?). We've kind of been going back and forth on daycare. Bummed that our ideal daycare is so expensive, but not sure what to do. He keeps reminding me that the values at the daycare match ours. If we're going to have someone else watch our little man during the day, they need to be the best. Thinking about daycare makes me kind of sad already. I think I will cry when I have to go back to work in the fall. He's just a special little guy and he's already captured our hearts.

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  1. I craved fruit in my summer pregnancies. I always thought it was a hydration thing. And I'm usually a veggie girl too :-) Your husband seems to sweet on that baby belly. I'm excited to see you next weekend! YAY!