Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Momma Mia

Well, I am 36 weeks! Whew! I have one month left carrying JT. Today was my 36 week appointment. I had the usual stuff done--blood pressure check, weight check, JT's heartbeat, etc. I also had the Group B Strep test and HIV screening. Looks like I'm about 3 cm dilated and JT is 50% effaced. Looking pretty good! It feels real now!
I loved being pregnant up until now. Month six and seven were good. That's when I first started looking pregnant and the bump was all cute and stuff! I could still wear cute shoes, I could walk without having to catch my breath, I went to the bathroom ten times a day instead of 20, and I could sleep comfortably. Oh, and I wasn't exhausted!! Month eight was brutal. My belly exploded! I have to wear tennis shoes or flip-flops. I can't tie my tennis shoes. I can't paint my toe nails. I really can't do any feminine things on my own....I can't sleep at night. I'm Hot all the time! I'm tired all the time. I have major mood swings. I have stolen food from people's lunches at work. Yes! I have. I know. I'm horrible. I can't believe it. I started crying because Mr. Soup didn't want to watch the Royal Wedding a couple of weeks ago. On Saturday, Mr. Soup and I went to our first child birth class. I cried through every birth video we watched. Most of the class was disgusted, but I cried. Yeah, so I'm definitely ready to get this boy out!
I'm hoping Month 9 will be better, but I have a feeling it won't. I guess I'm getting prepared for all the sacrifices I will have to make for JT. Giving up my body has been very difficult for me, but I know I will eventually get it back. Everyone keeps telling me not to worry about that and I haven't. I do feel kind of empowered being able to provide everything for my little man. I think it's so cool that my body was designed to carry him for nine....er....ten months!
I know there is no "right" time to become a mother, but I really think things have fallen into place for our little family. I feel like it's fate that we bought a house one block from the hospital at which I'll deliver. I feel like it's fate that we live four houses down the street from an ideal daycare provider. Even before Mr. Soup and I married, we knew wanted a Spanish speaking provider for any kids we had. We're so blessed that we found the kindest mother/daughter day care team. While I am not looking forward to the idea of leaving him next fall, I could not ask for a better set of women to look after my son. In fact, I think JT will get a better experience with them than if I were a stay-at-home mom. When Mr. Soup and I went on our daycare tour, I was in love. I do not remember my daycare being like that when I was a kid. I just felt a sense of warmth and family. I guess it truly does take a village.
My first Mother's Day was great, but also kind of sad. I received lots of gifts and everyone made me feel like I was a mother. In fact, I think I was one of the few mothers who had to "be a mom" on Mother's Day. All the other moms got the day off from their kids, but JT was with me all day long. I didn't get a break from being exhausted, gassy, swollen, uncomfortable, etc. My husband tried to make things better by doing my half of the household chores, but it was still hard. I think the hardest part was that all those moms who got the day off from their kids still got hugs and cuddle time at the end of the day. I long for that. I just want to hold my little guy. I have to keep telling myself that the mood swings, lack of sleep, exhaustion and other bad things are worth it, because in a few short weeks I will get to hold my SON!
I think what makes this so special is seeing Mr. Soup become excited about JT. He loves getting our weekly updates from the Bump. He loves talking to JT through my belly. He gets excited thinking about all the things we'll get to do with JT. We have so many things we want to share with him. I think being a parent is the best job in the world. I can't believe I was hired.

Apparently, being a mom is totally cool because my baby girl, Maya wants to be a mom as well. I love watching her with her "baby dog." She's so caring to the baby. Although, at times she can be neglectful, she is quick to protect Baby from us and Sampson. Sam does try to terrorize Maya by stealing Baby. Hopefully, this is not indicative of what will happen when JT arrives. For now, I'll just enjoy watching them with Baby!

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