Thursday, May 19, 2011

Update Extravaganza!

I'll elaborate more on these later, but here are some!
37 weeks today. At my appointment on Tuesday, I was still 3 cm dilated and he went from 50% effaced to 75% effaced. I tested positive for Group B Strep and negative for HIV (duh!).
Tuesday I drove all over Plano, literally. I got JT's car seat installed in the SUV. Once we receive our 2nd base, we'll get that one installed in the Jetta too. I drove around all day Tuesday with that child seat in the Kia and just imagine JT sitting back there. I cannot wait to be a MOM. I cannot wait to look back and see my little one sleeping or screaming his lungs off!
Yesterday Mr. Soup surprised me by getting hiring professionals to clean our carpet. I feel so much better knowing that JT will come home a virtually fur-free home. Yesterday, the dog groomer came by for a consultation and they're getting shaved on Sunday afternoon. No more long coats for them! We're also going to start transitioning them from sleeping in our room. Tonight they'll sleep in the hall for the first time!
Today my dad had gall bladder surgery. Not a major surgery, but anyone who knows my dad knows that he has been through a ton of surgerys in the past 10 years. Any and every surgery is still a little scary. He's recovering and should go home tomorrow. Continue to keep him in your thoughts and prayers
Today is the five year anniversary of when Mr. Soup and I met at the DFW airport. Hard to believe it's been five years! So many good things have happened since then. It truly was a life-changing event for me!
One year ago today Mr. Soup and I closed on our first home. Homeownership hasn't been without it's challenges, but we absolutely love our home! It's not perfect, but it's the perfect home for us!
Tonight I'm going to a meeting to find out more information about a Ph.D program in Language & Literacy. I know, I know, what am I thinking? I'm going with an open mind. Just gathering information. It's something that I've always been interested in accomplishing and if they make it suitable for working teachers, I might be able to do it. Plus, if I have my way and only work part-time in a year or so, I could do it, right? we'll see. just gathering information at this point!
Mr. Soup has an interview for a new job. It's one he applied to before landing his current job, but they're just now getting back to him. We're crossing our fingers that he gets it as the pay increase would cover daycare and our travel fund! Of course, once he gets licensed, we'll be set as well, but nice to have more options especially once JT arrives.
Oh and JT's baptism date is tentatively set. We plan to have him baptized in August at the church where my mom, my brother and I were baptized! I'm so happy!
That's it for now!

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