Sunday, July 1, 2012

Oh, Joel!

I really think one is the new two, or two is really, really bad! Joel started walking on Tuesday (yay!). The bad part was that Murad was out of town on business and missed it. Fortunately, we drove up to OKC to see him, and my parents met us there as well. It was too hot to really do anything, but my parents were satisfied with watching their grandson play.

Joel is becoming quite his own person in good ways and in bad. He's definitely testing our limits and challenging us. Murad has to remind me not to overeact to his behavior because he'll learn that negative behavior receives attention. So, I've been trying to change my reactions. Instead of saying no when he grabs something he's not supposed to have, I reach for it and say, "thank you." He really likes that. Instead of screaming no when I see him putting dog food in his mouth, I've taught him to "feed" the dogs.

Joel also loves to fall out on the floor when he doesn't get his way. Sometimes he even puts his hands over his face. It's quite amusing and super annoying at the same time. This kid, man. I tell ya!

The cutest and scariest thing he did was on Friday. I let the dogs back in the house from going to the bathroom. Joel saw this and raced out the door to climb in the baby pool. I see why they warn people to gate their "big" pools. He was so determined and made it there. Anytime we walk past that darn pool, Joel looks at it longingly. I feel like he's plotting little ways to jump out of my arms and make his way to the pool. The kid has no fear, I tell ya!

I will say that Joel's listening during storytime has improved. Yesterday we read a book about Ernie and Joel sat through the entire 3 minutes and listened. After that, he pulled out every book from the book bin. Fun times, right?

Tomorrow we are heading to Joel's first modeling shoot! I signed up for one of those model searches back in May. Joel took some pretty good, but I hadn't heard back from them, so I just figured I'd wasted $40. Well, we got an email on Thursday for a fall/Halloween shoot. We'll see how he does!

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