Wednesday, June 9, 2010

this is it...

Well, this is it. I've prayed and thought about this long and hard. Mr. Soup and I have done everything in our power, but it's not going to happen. For those of you who know, Mr. Soup and Abby's mom planned to have Abby come live with us permanently. They both agreed that it would be best for her future. However, that has changed. I'm kind of numb right now. I feel like for so long, I wanted to make Abby's life better. I think I almost obsessed over it. Now, I feel like I finally have permission to let go. We can focus on our little family. I know people probably have lots of opinions on this matter, but I ask that you respect Abby, our family and her family. I just wanted to let everyone know that she will not be coming to live with us. this is it.

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