Sunday, May 30, 2010

great weekend ruined

so I had a fabulous weekend! Woke up late yesterday and today and will do the same tomorrow. On Saturday night my husband treated me to a concert Silk, Ready for the World and Mint Condition. It was sort of a belated four year annivesary gift ( I guess the house wasn't enough!). We had a great time. Ready for the World was awesome. Even after thirty years, they still got it! Mint Condition was amazing! Great performance! Kept the crowd going. They were just really energetic and I loved it. It was great spending time with my husband. I love walking around downtown Dallas near where we got married. It just brings me back to that exciting weekend that occured one year ago. Plus, we just love attending events in downtown Dallas whether it's a museum or concert, we always have a good time.
Today I woke up and met my friend, Christina at the Studio Movie Grill to watch SATC2! Oh, the glamour, the drama, NYC, oh the everything sexy! I just love that movie. I loved the original and I knew I'd love this too!
So tomorrow is the last day of the weekend and you know what we get to do tomorrow. We get to go to our old apartment and take the last of our stuff out of it and clean it. So not fun!!!! what a way to ruin a great 3-day weekend! I'll be glad when we give them the keys. I'm so done with that place! It's weird. At first I was sad to see the apartment go and I almost started feeling that buyer's remose when we moved in here. We made so many memories in that apartment. But guess what...our house is AMAZING! So good riddance to the apartment and I'll keep the memories!

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