Friday, May 14, 2010

Our Very First Home!

Today has been a shitty day and also a great day! For the past two days our pups have been ill. We usually can pinpoint what's wrong, but they have had diarrhea for two days. I know, I know, TMI. So yeah, no sleep and cleaning constantly is not fun! One of Mr. Soup's groomsmen graduated tonight with his doctorate in English, so he's gone while I'm at home making sure that they don't poop everywhere or die of dehydration. They're doing good so far. They even ate some rice, so I'm hoping that settles their stomachs.
So, I got a call from my realtor today saying we could close a little early on our house. It just so happens our new closing date is Wednesday which happens to be the four year anniversary of the day I met Mr. Soup! Amazing, huh? So, we will close on Wednesday, get the keys on Friday and move on Saturday. Hard to believe we're moving in just one week! I'm so excited. I love our home. So since it's pretty much official....I'm posting a picture of our home. I would post some inside pics, but it still has all the furniture from the current owner. I love our new home. It has so much personality and it's just overall a great home. It is on a corner lot, so we have lots of room. While we don't plan to stay there forever, it is a great starter home. It has lots of room to grow. I'm just so happy we are going through this phase in our life. It's so exciting! Okay, well good night to you all. I have to take the dogs to the vet in the morning and then a wedding in the afternoon.

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