Tuesday, July 13, 2010

All I need is a miracle...

all I need is you!

all my posts lately begin with a song title. coincidence? I think not. I'm just a musical person.

okay, so insurance adjuster came out. the carpet in our home office and one of the guest bedrooms was deemed repairable. So they're going to pay for new padding and for it to be repaired. However, the carpet in the hall is not repairable and since it is connected to the family room, they will replace the carpet in the hall and family room. so kind of a bad news/good news deal. we get to replace the carpet in the area that we use the most for entertaining and just general recreation. We have the option of going through their contractor or hiring our own. We're hoping that the person a friend recommended will give us a good deal and we can look into getting hard wood floor in that area instead of carpet. so keep your fingers crossed.

however, we still have to pay the deductible on the home owner's insurance. which isn't bad, but we just found out that our friends are going to Vegas over Labor Day weekend. We hardly see them, so how cool would it be if we vacationed with them? She was my matron of honor in our wedding and I was a bridesmaid in hers. We lived together twice in college. I worked at her family's ice cream store. we attended elementary, middle, high and college together. So, now I'm in Dallas and she's in Wichita. Up until this past May, our wedding was the last time I saw them. So, I'm really hoping we can save up some money and go. Right now we can afford flights, but we still gotta figure lodging (for us and the dogs while we're gone). Even if we don't go to Las Vegas, I hope Mr. Soup and I can escape for Labor Day weekend somewhere. Our next big trip (besides our annual trip to New Jersey....oh and this year I have been assured that we will make it to New York! yeah!!!!) isn't until our 2 year anniversary. I just need SOMETHING to tie me over until March 2011.

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  1. stay at circus circus lol it's off the strip...a total dump but cheap as heck and you'll only be there to sleep lol

    otherwise treasure island offers deals all the time (vegas.com) and that is my favorite place to stay. best pool scene by far :)