Monday, July 12, 2010

our house

in the middle of our street...
well we've had some home problems lately. our a/c condensation drain thingy was clogged and leaked all over....well not all over, but over significant parts of our hallway, our office closet and my brother-in-law's closet. leak is fixed, but the insurance adjuster is coming tomorrow to determine if we get new floors or if they'll just repair the carpet. Mr. Soup and I plan to do take out all the carpet in our home anyways, so getting new floors in those areas (for free essentially) would be a plus. We really want to put in laminate wood flooring. we have shag carpet throughout (living room, dining room, family room, all three bedrooms and the's a little much) nevertheless, i love our little home. it has so much character. it feels like a mansion compared to our apartment, but it still has that cozy, quaint feeling. i'm excited for some upcoming projects. okay, so here they are:
-paint the wood paneling in the living room. I'm thinking a creamy rustic red color (think of a muted red)
-paint the guest bathroom....maybe a robin's egg blue...I'm debating on whether to paint the cabinets Robin's egg blue and then paint the walls a cream or yellow color or paint the walls a robin's egg blue color and leave the cabinets white. I'm leaning towards painting the cabinets for a dramatic effect.
-paint the master bath a dark blue color
-wood laminate floors...I think Mr. Soup can install them ourselves. plus his dad and stepmom just gave us a great DIY home book.
so those are the updates so far with our little abode.

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