Monday, June 6, 2011


I've never been a fan of anything considered new age or odd. Prior to JT's arrival, I thought babies were supposed to sleep in a crib in another room (that's what baby monitors are for, right?). While JT loves his Pack n' Play, I have noticed that he sleeps better in our bed. We only do this in the afternoon during naps, but right now I'm in our bed with JT and he's konked out (sidenote: I'm only in bed with him because Mr. Soup is up). He sleeps longer in the afternoons and it's so much easier to nurse him when he's already in our bed. His breathing is more regulated.
I'm just terrified of SIDS and that's why I won't fully commit to co-sleeping, especially at night. I'm just afraid I'll be too asleep and won't be aware of him being there. I don't want to crush him. I do like the idea of Mr. Soup bonding with him since he works all day and once I return to work, co-sleeping would allow some more bonding time for me.
I need to do some major research on co-sleeping, like not on the internet. In a few minutes, I'll place JT in his pack n' play. I'll miss feeling him next to me...

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  1. Sounds like he's just like every other baby I've ever known. They all love co-sleeping. They really do sleep so much better. I think it's the smell. I've even tried putting my worn shirts on the baby (like a blanket), but it hasn't really worked for us. Good for you for doing the research!