Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Nana and Grandpa come to town

JT's Kansas grandparents made their way to Texas to visit their very first grandchild and spoil him. They came last week and took off this morning for the Heartland. I really thought I was doing fine until they got here, but having them here was a big help! In fact, my mom completely organized Joel's nursery! I can actually post pictures of how cute it looks! She even organized our pantry. If she had been here a week longer she would've had the whole house organized. It was just the motivation for me to get our master bedroom closet organized and for Mr. Soup to clean out the garage. He will do it this weekend which will be great! We will actually be able to park in it, which is good since it's hotter than Hades outside.
Mom and Dad also bought us a grill so we enjoyed yummy burgers made by my mom! The best part of the week was seeing JT interact with his grandparents. My dad was so happy to see his grandson that he made a point to do tummy time with him, push him in his stroller when we went to stores, and hold him. My mom loved holding the little guy in her arms. I think he was held by someone the majority of the time they were here. Of course, today was very difficult. Mom and I had tears coming down our cheeks. Being a grandparent is hard when you're miles and miles away from the little one. JT will take his first trip to KS in August for his baptism, but it seems so far away. *Sigh* We'll get through it. Until then, here are some pics of Grandpa and Nana with JT!

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