Thursday, July 28, 2011

2 days

It is amazing what a difference 2 days can make. Monday and Tuesday I spent most of the days bawling because I was not ready for Joel to go to daycare. I'm still not totally ready for him to go and I know it will be a difficult adjustment for me (I'm sure he's oblivious), but some things have happened that make me feel secure in returning to work.
Yesterday Joel and I went to my neighbor's house to play. She's a stay-at-home mom to two under two. Watching her with the kids was fun, inspiring and exhausting. Being a stay-at-home mom is probably more exhausting than being a working mom, in my opinion. I mean sure we're away from the babes all day (agony), but we can focus on just them when we get home and we can tag-team tasks with the hubby. With a stay-at-home mom it's a constant juggling act. You're the sole entertainment and disciplinarian for the majority of the day. I have so much respect for stay-at-home moms. I know my neighbor doesn't think of it as work (how could you when taking care of cute little babies), but I know she really appreciates adult conversation and her free-time. Luckily, she waitresses a few nights a week and since I'm off this summer we get to hang out with our kids. Next summer I'll be in her boat with Joel being a year old (walking and getting into things) and me being home with him! Let's hope I can survive.
Today Joel and I took a walk down to his daycare to visit. We were greeted by all his new friends. They were so excited to meet Baby Joel. We watched them play some sort of ball game as they got ready to eat lunch. We also received a beautiful diaper cake from them (yay!). Our daycare provider also told us that they bought a brand new Chicco pack n play for Joel to nap in while he's in their care. This is great because he sleeps in a Chicco pack n' play in our room (more on that later). We were really excited to hear that they are taking extra steps towards making their home his 2nd home. Makes my nervous mama-heart feel so much better. I really am excited about him going to daycare. He's going to have so many great opportunities and the socialization....couldn't ask for a better environment for him to learn about sharing and caring. Overall, I am really excited for the life Joel will have. I feel blessed that Mr. Soup and I are financially able to and emotionally (is that the right word?) able to give him the life we feel he deserves. We have so many hopes and dreams for him, but more importantly we're excited to see how he chooses to live his life. I'm trying to focus more on the blessings we have. If I stay in my current career, I will get to be a stay-at-home mom each summer and will have every major holiday off with him. Mr. Soup's career allows him to come home during the day to spend time with us this summer. We still are the most important and influential people in his life, which is what I feared we would lose with daycare. While I am sad about leaving Joel, I do feel secure that we made the right decision for our family. I'm slowly becoming eager for the fall!
Okay so last night was the fifth night that Joel slept in his pack n' play! Yay! He's making so much progress. Hope to have him sleeping in his crib in his room by November!
This weekend I'm going shopping for myself! I haven't done that since Joel was born. Thanks to my mom (for footing the bill) and to my husband for letting me have Friday night (Harry Potter with my friend Christina) and Saturday (for shopping) to myself. I'm getting a nice outfit to wear to his baptism and some back to school clothes. I'm sure I'll pick up a few things for Joel while I'm out. I always do!

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