Thursday, April 23, 2009

can't sleep

I'm waiting for my car to be fixed. weird I know, but they're open until midnight. I may just pass out and pick it up tomorrow. I should work on homework, grade papers, or fold clothes, but I'm not. I dusted tonight and made homemade pizza, oh, and I cried a little. it's just been an emotional week. there have been some ups and downs. the funniest thing did happen this week....a girl PEED in my classroom. full-fledged pee. and it stank! I wanted to laugh so hard. my laughter turned into tears. ironically, i have had problems with incontinence the past few weeks. I had to go to the doctor on monday for it after i had to race out of Kinko's last week because of it. Fortunately I left before anything could happen among 10 strangers. my students sat in her pee and left a puddle of yellow on my floor. nice! i just don't get it.
i got my name changed. i don't think i really thought about what this means. i am no longer Ashlea Jean Wichita. it feels good to have my husband's last name, but it's just weird to have the identity i've had for 27 years vanish. I struggled with whether I should be Ashlea Wichita Soupl, Ashlea Jean Wichita Soup or Ashlea Jean Soup. I chose simple over tradition and did Ashlea Jean Soup. I like the initials AJC (haha stalker now you know my last name isn't Soup! it's all a rouse!)
i won some cool prizes in the NCAA Big Brackets contest that I entered. I won an IPOD nano, Boulevard wheat glass, hat and sticker and KC Wizards tickets. Pretty cool! It was like getting another wedding gift! so definitely some highs this week
and from my earlier blog you can tell I've been missing Philip like crazy lately. don't know why but i do. i know I need to do a better job of dealing with my emotions, but man. i just don't know how sometimes. you know?
i did discover somehing or should i say someone that makes me extremely happy. CHER! I absolutely love her and her music. I've always been a big Cher fan, but lately she's been on my XM a lot (no coincidence...I programed her into the system) Tonight I jammed to "Dark Lady" as I drove to the Volkswagen repair shop to fork over $300! The other day "Half-Breed" came on the radio. I personally connect with that song. I feel like she captured the mixed-girl's emotions. Some other faves include: "Shoop-Shoop," "Heart of Stone," "If I could Turn back Time!""Believe" "Gypsys, Tramps and Thieves" Classics. I think I'm going to buy a greatest hits album with my $5 gift card that I got for filling out five reviews on the WeddingWire. well now I'm tired. off to bed I go!

Tomorrow is birthday breakfast! yay!
"If I could reach the stars I'd give them all to you"-Cher If I could turn back time


  1. I can totally relate to the name change issue. I fell like I am currently two people, half of my stuff is in my new name and the other is still in my old name. I conducted training the other day for work and at the end had my email address up on the PowerPoint slide. One of my clients asked me if it was right because I had introduced myself as someone different. I had to stop and think a for a minute and then realized at the start of the training I had said I was Kathy Williams (old name) but my email address was in my new name....its all very confusing!

    By the way, my husband teaches high school and I guess the other day in one of his fellow teachers classes a boy peed himself as well, and these are SENIORS! very sad!

  2. you forgot "half breed"!!!! my mom used to always sing that to u understand why i'm so jacked up ;)

  3. I didn't forget's up there! I love that song! I could personally identify! "My mother married up your Cherokee!"