Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter and other updates

Another Easter has come and gone. I spent my first Easter as a married woman alone. Murad went to visit a friend in KC and then visited Abby in Meade. Although, I missed him, I know he needed to go. I had a great time with friends. On Friday, I went to my first ever crawfish boil at my friends Kristin & Sammy's house. Sammy's family and Kristin's brother were in town from Louisiana. It was great to just hang out, EAT and celebrate Good Friday. My friends from work and I got to hold our first crawfish (they're still alive until you cook em.) We tried to make them fight, but I think they were frightened. So was I. Those little pinchers look like they hurt!
On Saturday, I enjoyed a day of cleaning and laundry. On Sunday I went to my favorite brunch place, Iron Cactus. Ironically Iron Cactus is just down the street from DAC and Hotel Indigo, so I got to relive that as we drove down the street. Christina, her friend Teresa and I enjoyed a wonderful brunch buffet full of waffles, omelets, salmon, pasta, and of course, bottomless mimosas! My favorite! It truly was a great day. Even though I wasn't with family, I still was able to celebrate with friends. I'm so thankful for the life I have here in Dallas. It truly is our home.
On another note, Easter always signals the end of the school year. TAKS is just around the corner and tomorrow marks the first day of the last six weeks! Abby will be here soon and I can't wait to hang with her. She'll go to the City of Richardson camps again and I found a dance camp that runs for half a day for a week in July. It's just around the corner, so I'm excited. When she's not in camp, she and I will hang out, do crafts, lay by the pool and READ! My goal is to get her reading some chapter books this summer. My good friend Elaina (fake librarian, but actually the real librarian) suggested Junie B. Jones and Cam Jansen books. I loved to read with my parents when I was a kid, so I hope Abby will too!
I leave you with a pic Murad took of Abby and her sister Lexie. We bought their Easter dresses this year (okay, so Abby's is just her rehearsal dinner dress, but we still bought it). I think they look SO CUTE! Almost makes me wish I had a sister....almost! I'm glad I don't!
I'll post some pics of our other children soon. Maya is just chillin' on the guest bed as I type this and Sam is playing with a toy on the floor. Typical day in Campbell household!


  1. Dallas sounds so fun. From what I hear/see on House Hunters, it seems there are some pretty affordable parts of town to live in- of course, I have no idea if they are desirable parts. I know you two can save the money. You are one smart lady!:) When I finally make it down to Dallas, you have to show me all of these yummy restaurants you mention on your blog!

  2. Yeah, it is affordable. I've already found some neighborhoods that we like. I also think I was a little ambitious with the 20% and six months in savings. I think we can get a decent house with less than that.