Sunday, April 5, 2009

Murad's favorite wedding gift

He loved the video games he received, but his XBox 360 is acting up, so he can't play them. However, he has made some great smoothies in the meantime! We received a very nice blender as one of our wedding gifts. Yesterday he made the greatest mango/strawberry/orange smoothie! Yummy! I think I can get used to the smoothies, if he just cleans up afterward!

Last night he and I headed to the West End for date night. We kind of splurged at a nice steak house called the Butcher Shop. It was the best steak he's had. I had the salmon with shrimp and asparagus! I told Murad that asparagus was the one thing that was missing from our wedding dinner. So, I guess we made up for it two weeks later. We enjoyed walking around last night. I love this honeymoon period!

Well, Murad had his interview with Baylor Friday. He got into the internship program a few weeks ago, so the interview was just a formality. I'm so proud of him for getting in the internship. It is extremely difficult to get and it is an extremely difficult internship. They are basically training you to work in their hospital. So, after he graduates he has a job if he wants. Of course, his first goal is to get his doctorate in psychology, but he's also considering getting an MSW. He could do most of the same things with a MSW as a psychologist. It would only take him one year vs. five and he could work while doing it. So, we'll see where this road takes us. We've got lots of options and an exciting road ahead of us.

Well, I will graduate next month with my second master's degree. After 17 months in the program I've decided I do not want to become a principal. It just isn't for me. I think the degree will definitely help me right now and in the future. I've learned so much about policy, administration and school law. I eventually would like to move into administration either in the Language Arts department or At-Risk department. I really like coordinating the at-risk program at my school. I've learned a lot this school year. If either of those goals don't pan out, I wouldn't mind teaching at a community college. However, for now I like being in the classroom. Sometimes the kids really get on my nerves, but sometimes they say the most clever, funny things. Sometimes, just sometimes, they actually enjoy reading and writing. But let's not kid ourselves, most of the time they hate it! I'm competing with television and the internet!

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  1. Ash! I love the Butcher Shop! Andrew and I ate their for Valentines one year! Yummy... thinking about it makes my stomach growl!