Saturday, October 10, 2009

all I wanna do is....

have some fun! no, but seriously. ever since mr. soup and I had the baby talk, it's motivated me to get in action some of my life-long goals. I think we both have. many of our conversations start like this, "when the baby comes." or "we should do this before the baby comes." people, please understand that we have not begun to even try to concieve nor will we for at least a year and a half. so, this talk of "the baby" is very premature. but that's just the way we operate. we're always looking for the next big thing, which is wrong because I feel you should live in the moment to some degree and especially since I'm not getting any younger. I'm one of those of people *guilty* who works towards the weekends (small milestones) and big trips (big milestones). I do admit there are days where the only thought that gets me through the day is knowing there is a happy hour at the end of the week or a road trip or vacation coming up soon. But I digress...
Things I've been working on:
finding a balance between work and home---FAILED. I blame it on the swine flu. I was doing a good job of keeping things maintained at home and at work, but that damn flu set me back like a mo' fo'! I want to incorporate regular exercise (the gym is making so much $$ off of me in my absence), quality time with the dogs, cleaning and organization time and cooking into each evening at home with occasional time set aside for grading papers and blogging. I want this to become natural so can fill in the blank....."when the baby comes" I can make more time for him/her.
Getting mr. soup to do more work around the house----SUCCESS. Well, I didn't get him to do anything. For those of you who know my husband, he is not easily swayed by anyone, including me. However, he has been picking up after himself, ironing our clothes each day, doing the dishes, etc. I do realize that laundry and making the bed are going to be hopeless battles, but I can still try. He says he likes it when I leave him little notes about what to do around the house. I think that's so cute! He's a far better person than me, because I hate being told what to do, especially in a non-verbal way. I should remind you that Mr. Soup works 7 days a week (internship 5 days and work on the weekends too), so keep that in mind. Isn't my husband great?
cooking at least four days a week---that means two days of left overs and one day of eating out ----SUCCESS. I got in the habit this summer. we never ate fast food and rarely ate at sit-down restaurants. and I've been successful at keeping it up this school year (except when swine flu 2009 hit)
Things I want to do:
go on a honeymoon---so close to being a success...we're five months away from it
go to Canada---I've always wanted to go there and I lived vicariously through my girl Tish who just went there this week.
submit short stories to a magazine and have them published. I've been working on a couple of short stories. i have some good ideas, but it's hard to flesh 'em out. I feel like I know my characters, but I struggle to tell their stories.

those are the only goals I have right now, but everyday I find new ones and keep achieving ones I set for myself!

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  1. i'm digging your goals. they say so much about your wonderful personality :)

    canada, you and your hubby are gonna do real nice together my dear :)