Friday, October 16, 2009

Am I just that naive?

I was seriously bugging over the boy in the hot air balloon thing, but more on that in another 'am I just that naive?' post.

For now, I'll blog about the LA judge who would not marry an interracial couple. uh, complete bullshit. he said he did it for the children. WHAT? I would like to point out that not being married is definitely NOT birth control. there are too many baby-mama and baby-daddies running around. So, if his intentions were really in the best interest of the children, I find that hard to believe. maybe he didn't want another Obama running around....hmmmm?

I went on MSNBC tonight to read some comments and was unpleasantly surprised. I hate to think white people think this way, but reading some comments made me think we haven't come very far at all. Here are a few:
Blacks are out of their F'ing minds! WaaaH! You got everything handed to you and you still cry. And white people are so confused with white guilt that they would let blacks step on them. Modern America is so up its own ass with this equality crap. NO ONE IS EQUAL. All men are not created equal. This is an antiquated notion. This means we were created in gods image. What is it was evolution? Then, this means the strong survive. Whites dominated, Africa, India, China, and N. & S. America. HOW do you think your equal to that? You never won your freedom from conquest! We killed ourselves to give it to you. And you never stopped begging ever since. P.S. Obama's mom was a F***ing whore!!!!!! White women are too good for blacks. White girls only mess with em cuz rap is cool now. It's like a ghetto status symbol of coolness. But it's just plain sad. Way to reverse evolution! We're going back to the zoo!!

The Judge is just well aware that the white bride will have herpes & LeRoy will be long gone by the time the white girl gives birth. We'll have to pay the salaries of the US Marshals to track him down for non-payment of child support & then we'll have to pay for his incarceration out of our tax dollars. The Judge is just old and has been around the block & can see whats coming next. At least someone in the country still has some sense and is not afraid to speak his mind of his opinions without fear of a camera crew from BET looking for answers.
I have two close friends, both of whom are biracial (half black and half white). One was conceived when her white mother was raped by a black man, and then she was given up for adoption and raised by whites. She has always hated---and I mean hated---her black half, because her black "father" was a rapist. She married a white man and had children...she told me she is "trying to breed the black out of my family line".
Another biracial woman I know insisted she was not harmed by being biracial, and would go on and on about how well adjusted she was...but then after her parents died, she told me the truth. She never admitted it during their lifetime because she wanted to spare their feelings.
I feel parents who do this kind of thing to their children are selfish and horrible...if you want to marry, at least don't inflict this kind of lifelong grief onto your children. Children at a certain age need to know who they are, and develop a firm sense of identity. A biracial child belongs nowhere, accepted by neither race, and they know it.

and of course people wanted to express their hatred for gays & lesbians (i'm not saying a white person said this...ignorance can fall on people of all races):
the problem with gay/lesbian couples is that it's an abomination. Evil. They are pernicious demons. They will burn in hell forever and ever, amen!
Oh, and it's GROSS! Ha!

am I just that naive that I didn't realize that people really feel that way about black people and gays & lesbians? Aren't we all children of God?
It just makes me wonder if when people see 1. me or a 2. black woman at the grocery store with two kids, or 3. a black man with slightly sagging pants they automatically think 1. poor biracial child...she has no idea who she is...2. single black mother on welfare 3. deadbeat black guy with no job.
I just want to say that I do have an identity. I have a clear understanding and appreciation for both my black and white sides. It didn't come overnight. Was it difficult? Yes. Did I have a lot of questions growing up? Yes. Do I now? Yes. However, if that was the biggest problem I faced as a child, then I'd consider myself lucky. I see white kids and black kids who face far larger issues. My issue ended up helping me become a happy, healthy individual. It is difficult to be both because sometimes people say stupid stuff, but eventually I realized that's not my problem; it's their problem. I can't wear their insecurities. I can only be me. I also can bring people together who may not normally interact. For that, I am thankful.
okay so enough about that. I'm just ranting because Aunt Flo is in town and Mr. Soup found another lump in my other breast. The last time this happened it was just a cyst. I'm almost convinced I have fibrocystic disease. Both my mom and grandmother have it, so it's a possibility that I do too. Nevertheless, I need to have it checked out.

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  1. it's disgusting to see words like that-- but realize they represent the extreme few (ignorant people). i do believe that americans change for the better with each new generation. good for you not wearing their b.s. life is short & you don't have time to value igorant jerks' opinions. just be your best you-- that's all :)