Saturday, December 12, 2009

cruise with me baby

so, i *think.* we have decided to do the cruise for our one year anniversary trip/honeymoon. while we did have our hearts set on DR, it's not financially smart or savvy to invest that much in a trip right now. Our savings took a big hit this summer with Mr. Soup unexpectedly going to NJ and vet bills, but we're slowly making our way back up. So, we'd rather keep that money in savings just in case we have emergencies creep back up. After we decided that, we were thinking of Port Aransas, but our hearts really weren't in it. The idea of a cruise frightened me, but after talking to several of my claustophobic friends who went on cruises, I decided I could handle it. The cruise will cost us a little more (not much) than going to Port Aransas, but it will be a lot less than DR. Plus, I get to have my beach time and looking at some of the excursion opportunities, we'll get to experience some fun stuff!
that means, we really need to get on the ball with planning it out. we're waiting until Mr. Soup gets his grad school class schedule to determine when exactly we leave (if we leave slightly before spring break, we can save almost $400) and we also need to get passports. I need to update mine with my new name and Mr. Soup's expired a year or two ago. So, if no major financial changes occur in the next month (keeping fingers crossed), we should be able to book our trip in January. get excited! I know I am! I know this sounds cheesy, but I'm just excited to experience this with my husband. I love traveling with him because we have so much fun together. When we go on roadtrips, we play stupid games like the Alphabet sign game or I read famous biographies off of Wikipedia in my announcer voice. We love driving through the midwest with our dogs in the backseat. I love flying with him because I have someone to lay my head on when I get tired and because he has good movies and TV shows saved on his phone that I can watch. I love navigating through New Jersey with him. The cold weather, the Philly cheesesteaks, the sports, I love it all! Now, I'll get to experience my first cruise with him and spend time on the beach with him. I love it!

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  1. ahhh, your cuteness is ooozing all over my computer screen! sounds so fun :)