Sunday, December 13, 2009

i hate you...

credit card company. I am so close to paying off my credit card. only a little left...which is awesome right? well, I made a huge payment last month and plan to do so next month and be done. I just got a letter in the mail and the credit card company lowered my limit to just above the balance left. So now, it appears to the credit bureau that I have 60% debt rather than 5%. Freakin' awesome! NOT. Ughh...
Mr. Soup and I have been so adamant about not using our credit cards and paying them off. We've gotten one paid, two store cards paid and one almost paid off. I want to close this account, but I also want to keep it open because I've had it since I was in college. I've always paid it on time and way more than the minimum payment, but they reward me by upping the interest rate and lowering my limit. Two years ago they increased my credit limit and now when I'm close to paying it off they lower it? doesn't make sense.

okay. that's my vent!!!

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  1. I think you have every right to hate them! It is so unfair they are messing around with your credit. Boo stupid credit card company!