Tuesday, December 22, 2009

One Crazy Weekend

So, Mr. Soup graduated with his 2nd bachelor's degree this weekend. We had tons of friends and family in town and it was great. First, Tanisha, a reader from our wedding, came in on Friday. Mr. Soup's dad and stepmom came in as well. On Saturday we traveled to UNT for the graduation ceremony and then came back to our apartment to celebrate with yummy goodies. I will have to say I was a little nervous since I catered the event, but everything turned out yummy! I also got a great cake for his graduation as well. I'm so proud of my husband. This has been a difficult journey for him, but he was determined to get this degree and he did it! He also ended his last semester with a 4.0! I could tell how excited and overwhelmed he was. He kept saying he didn't want the day to end! His parents were so proud as well!

Well the weather in NJ didn't quite agree with the airports, so Mr. Soup's parents' flight ended up being Canceled. Yep. That's right. They didn't fly out until today (Tuesday) morning. So, decided to use the extra days to entertain them and really show them around Dallas. On Sunday we had brunch with Abby's Kansas grandparents and Mr. Soup's parents at The Original Pancake House. We also took Tanisha to the airport so she could return to Kansas. On Monday, Mr. Soup took us to the site where he interned (update: he just found out today that he will be able to intern there for graduate study!). We (father-in-law, brother-in-law, Abby and me) got the grand tour and we got to meet all the wonderful people with whom my husband works. They all had wonderful things to say about him (as expected) and we really think this place is a good match for him! Monday afternoon, Abby, Mr. Soup and the in-laws ate a wonderful lunch outside at Eatzi's. If you haven't eaten at Eatzi's you really should! It's delicious! On Monday night, the in-laws joined us at CiCi's Pizza for Abby's 8th birthday party. I think they really enjoyed being there to see their granddaughter celebrate her birthday! While, I am exhausted and fighting off a cold, it was such a great unexpected surprise. We rarely get to see Mr. Soup's family and it was such a treat to be able to share this long weekend with them. So, while the extended trip, flight cancellation, extra hotel fees, etc may have been annoying, it was well worth spending the extra quality time with family.

Last night after CiCi's Abby had a sleepover with some of her Dallas friends. It was interesting to say the least, but Mr. Soup and I survived. One girl ended up going home in the middle of the night (I promise, we're not evil people. she just had never made it through an entire sleepover before...she gave it her all though!)

Today, has been kind of a busy day with doctor's appointments and running errands, but tomorrow, I'm looking forward to sleeping in late, cleaning and doing laundry!

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