Saturday, April 24, 2010

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despite my previous depressing post on the current state of girls, life is pretty good at the Soup household. Mr. Soup is going to finish his first semester of grad school next month. I end my school year in June. I decided not to teach summer school (it was decided for me), but I am going to the AVID conference and Pre-AP training so I'll have some money coming in. I may get a part-time job just so that I can afford to buy some new furniture for our new home. more on that later.

i'm feeling better about not getting a new car. I figure this way I can save and get the car I really want and need. Plus, I don't need a new car right now. My car is in great condition (after shelling out $2500 to fix everything last year), but I do need new tires soon. Plus, the only reason I need a new car is the space. I just need a bigger car for the doggies, but oh well. I calculated it if I can save up $5,000 plus my trade-in, I should be able to get low payments and hopefully pay it off early. So, that is my plan. If I have that $5,000 by next year...great! If not, I'll wait until I do. Good things come to those who wait.

So we aren't moving for another month. I'm practicing acceptance and having faith that everything will work out for the best. I've been doing some online shopping (browsing...not buying). We will have an extra living room and dining room. I figure I'll work on getting the main living room some new furniture first if we can afford it. I found a really cute sectional that has storage and turns into a bed. I also found a cute cheap chair from IKEA for that room as well. I think we may also look at getting an LCD TV. Our main living room opens up to the breakfast area and kitchen, so I want to match that. My plates are navy, light blue, cream and khaki and I want to continue that scheme in the living room. maybe paint the wall a tan or khaki color. Our formal dining room and living room are connected. I plan to use our current living room furniture (which is black and green with some red) in the formal living room. I found a really cute black dining table. I think I may wait until the fall to purchase it though. gotta save up for these purchases! I'm posting some picks, so let me know what you think. I'm always looking for some good deals.

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