Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Little Man

I do mean that. My baby is trying to grow up so fast. It's cute really, but I'm so not ready for it. The other day I caught him imitating his daddy eating food. Then yesterday I took a sip from my drink and Joel formed his lips like he was sucking a straw too. A couple of weeks ago, Mr. Soup had his leg up on a windowsill and Joel tried to wiggle his leg up in the air too. My friend came over yesterday and remarked that he is active like a big baby. She said, "why is he trying to act like a big kid?" The tummy time mat has become his mat for his attempts at crawling. I put him on it yesterday, went to the kitchen to grab a drink and when I came back he was almost on the floor. He sleeps in his pack n' play through the night, so there are no more late night/early morning feedings and snuggles. He slept in a crib at Nana and Granddad's house. He's just growing up so fast. I didn't want to move him to the nursery until November (six months), but he actually likes taking naps in his crib. Last night he fell asleep in there while I was at the gym. I asked Mr. Soup if we should just leave him in there and he goes, "no, we're not ready for that transition yet." hehe! He's not ready for him to be a big boy either!
This is my last week at home with him and all I want to do is snuggle and cuddle all day. Joel wants to bounce, reach, lean his head back (that's how he got dropped by daddy a couple of weeks ago) wiggle, laugh, coo, point, and everything else. Kisses from momma have taken a back seat to seeing what's going on in the world.
I know I should not complain that he's trying to become independent. He's making my life easy in some ways (he can entertain himself) and difficult in others (he's so active that we can't keep up). I know once he's at daycare, it'll be easy because he'll wear himself out there and then come home tired for us. I will miss nursing him during the day. I know it sounds weird, but I actually prefer to nurse him as opposed to giving him a bottle. I feel like he's safe and warm with me when he's nursing. Plus, I absolutely hate pumping, but I'm going to give it my best shot this school year! Only nine more months until his 1st birthday (when I plan to stop breastfeeding/pumping). Pray that I can make it!
I know every mom thinks their little one is the best, but I really lucked out with Joely. My pregnancy was easy, my labor and delivery was easy, and he's been easy to love and care for each day. I just love him so much and want him to be my baby boy. I'm realizing that he's going to grow and change just as I did. I look back on this summer with such fondness. Our walks in the neighborhood, afternoon snugglefests, and feedings were some of the greatest moments of my life. As we enter fall, I'm excited to watch him grow and for Mr. Soup and I to grow as parents. He's such an amazing! Oh, Joel! I love you so, so much!

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