Friday, August 19, 2011

We Survived!

We survived our first week of daycare! Well, I should say, mama survived! I thought I was going to lose it Monday. I cried all night Sunday in addition to crying every day of the week last week. I just was not ready to let him go. I got him all ready to go so that Mr. Soup could take him over there. I didn't cry as I dressed him and put him in the car seat. Mr. Soup kept telling me how good I was doing and hugging me. As they pulled away, I went back into the house and started sobbing. Mr. Soup called me ten minutes later saying that Joely did well when he dropped him off. He was all smiles for Abuela and Miss Christy and they oohed and awed over his dimples!
I didn't actually have to work on Monday, so Mr. Soup and I headed over at lunch to check on him (Mr. Soup's idea...he knows me so well!). He was sleeping in the swing (something we can never get him to do here)He just looked so peaceful. That afternoon, I got his stroller together and walked down the street to pick him up. I was so eager to get him in my arms and kiss all over those perfect cheeks.
We kept the same routine of Mr. Soup taking him to daycare and me picking him up. I really like this routine because I have something to look forward to at the end of the day. During the day, I'm so busy that I can barely breathe; however, Joel is never far from my thoughts. I'm constantly checking my phone and I start each morning with a text to Mr. Soup to see how drop-off went. I just can't wait to pick him up each day. He is always happy when I pick him up. Yesterday, he was sitting on Abuela's lap "talking" to the other children. Today he was in the crib entertaining himself by looking at the Mozart mobile. Mr. Soup reports that he is always happy at drop-off, except today he was a little cranky, but that's only because he woke up at 5:00am to nurse and then fell back asleep.
This week was a little difficult because I had something at night 3 days this week. Fortunately, last night I was able to take Joel with me, but I had to have my friend sort of watch him while I met parents. Each day this week I wanted to come home and cuddle, but I was forced to work! Bleh!
I will admit, that I do like going to work. I felt a little guilty at first about this. I really enjoyed being around my co-workers again and I'm actually excited about the upcoming school year. I think I needed to feel good about work again in order to fully accept that Joel would be in daycare full-time. I want to be able to come home to him and give him all of me. I know that's not possible everyday, but I feel like there are things in place this year that will help me enjoy my job more instead of dreading it. I really do love teaching and it's the perfect career for a mom (minus the grading!!!!!!) Also, pumping at work wasn't as bad as I envisioned; however, I still prefer breastfeeding. I am one of those weirdos who likes breastfeeding my baby. At least I can do that when I'm home.
Another reason I feel so good about daycare was that this week I attended Mom's Night Out. Abuela and Miss Christy provided appetizers, cocktails and prizes for all the moms of the kiddos. It was a good chance for me to meet some of the moms. They are all fabulous ladies and I cannot wait for more chances to drink....err...hang out! Surprisingly, I was one of the "older" moms (only by a year or two). This was odd to me because I'm not yet 30 (only six more months) and usually when I was with Abby I was always the youngest "mom." Oh well! One thing I really loved was how much these ladies loved Abuela and Christy! You could really tell that they view them as family and vice versa. It really solidified that we made the right choice in a daycare provider. I know there will be ups and downs, but I am really feeling good about Joel going there. He seems to enjoy it so much and he's such a social baby. He really does well being around not only other babies and kids, but other adults. Part of me didn't want to share Joel with the world, but I now realize I need to share the world with Joel.
I'm quickly learning there is not a manual for motherhood! Learning as I go and loving it! My goal for next week is to figure out an exercise me strength!

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