Friday, September 10, 2010

mixed hair and other things

oh this week was not a good week for testing out "mixed girl" hair. However, I did it and I'm glad I did! I love wearing my hair curly. The tornado and rain this week did wreak some havoc on my hair.
last week Mr. Soup and I purchased our first flat screen television. It's very pretty. It's pretty much the only art we have in our family room. Well, that and our Texas stars, black love and laugh wood work and family pictures.
this past weekend my friend Himee came in town. It was so great to have her in town. We all hung out and had a total girls' weekend. Some of the highlights included yummy brunch with bottomless Mimosas at Iron Cactus (my absolute favorite brunch spot), and partying at a bar with a (green) pool, sand volleyball and karaoke. The pool was very suspect. In fact, it bothered me. Why was the pool green? There was also some suspect activity (not by me) towards the end of the night. My eyes saw so much... Overall, it was a great weekend. I struggled to get caught back up this week though. Too much partying. I had to hit the gym hard this week. However, I rarely go out, so a girls' weekend every now and then is a requirement, I think.
I love my job, but it's already kicking my butt this year. Despite this, I am determined to get caught up on grading. Those damn summer reading projects take up so much of my time and weekend. Since I had a wild weekend last weekend, I plan to spend the weekend teaching (tomorrow morning), grading and cleaning out our home office. Mr. Soup wants to buy a futon for it and hook up one our many TVs in there. So, we're going futon shopping this weekend.
I started waking up thirty minutes earlier each day to walk to the dogs. I'm hoping it helps them (and me) get back in shape. It also is a great way for me to prepare for the day. It's relaxing to walk through our little neighborhood together.
Our little Abbygail is doing well in school. She is already ahead of her Accelerated Reading goal and scored 100% on her comprehension test. Mr. Soup and I are trying to reward her for good behavior and academic success. Last year we focused a lot on her negative behavior, rather than praising her for good behavior. This year we're going to attempt to send little gifts to encourage her to keep doing well. We got her some personalized pencils and silly bandz. If you don't know what Silly Bandz are, they're all the rage among tweens and teens. Hopefully, my 8 year old will like them.
Other than that life is good. Mr. Soup and I went to dinner and ice cream tonight and just marveled at how blessed we are. We are lucky to be able to travel, spend time with friends and family and enjoy each other.

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  1. hopefully the hair will calm down this week :) Soudns like you had a blast last weekend--good to mix those in with weekends like the one you expect now. Those silly bandz are wicked. Everytime I find one lying around the house, I trash it. I just can't stand that stuff cluttering up my house {luckily no one has asked me where they went... yet}!