Thursday, September 2, 2010

reclaiming my hair

So, recently I stopped taking some meds and my skin and hair have been out of sorts. My junior high acne popped up in full force just in time for picture day (yes, faculty members take pictures as well). I have a lovely pimple on my lip. Not near my lip, but actually on it and guess what else? it's actually two pimples in one! gross. I have to put make up on it so that it doesn't look like I have Herpes. I also now have backne (or however you spell it...bacne?) it's disgusting. my back is literally a pizza. greasy goodness. (there's your metaphor and alliteration...I wonder if my kids would get those literary terms if I used those examples?)
and my scalp...ugh my scalp. it already takes enough abuse from getting a relaxer every six-eight weeks (relaxer = perm for black makes our hair straight). and now I have these big sores that flake and flake...more than you want to know probably. My scalp just doesn't get enough oxygen because I have such thick hair (thanks, mom and dad). And since blacks with chemically straightened hair can't wash their hair every day, my scalp gets lots of build-up. So, I've decided to forgo relaxing my hair and embrace my curly hair. I'll probably still have to have my hair chemically processed every once and a while to loosen my curls (I wasn't blessed with full mixed-girl hair...mine is more black than mixed), but instead of doing it every six weeks, I will probably only do it once every season. I also won't straighten my hair with my Chi everyday. I really want to bring my hair and scalp back to healthy. Fortunately, Aussie makes a great leave-in conditioning mousse which defines my curls and conditions my hair. I love it! I used it all the time in the summer when I wore my hair curly. Plus, if I ever get pregnant, I'll have to wear my hair curly because most pregnant women do not take well to relaxers. oh and did I mention Mr. Soup loves my hair curly? it's evident by his face in the picture above (see my hair looks cute there curly, right?) "Babe, you look more natural with your hair curly. I like it better that way." So yeah, he's all on board. I love this man for always supporting my decisions and still finding me sexy!
I also discovered the mixedchicks hair product line. I'm so buying some of their products! Of course, I still love my Aveda! Now Suave has it's own psuedo Aveda shampoo and conditioner, so I may use that to off set costs. Oh and did I mention I will save $70 a month in relaxing fees? That is a lot! It'll go straight into the savings account! Okay, who am I'll go towards clothes and shoes!


  1. girl you were hurting me with the scabs in the head...i feel your pain. i was there. my advice, if you must tame, start researching the brazilian blowout. it's not a chemical relaxer. instead, it's a protein they put on your can use heat. you can color it, etc. it's pretty great. the sister girls in cali are starting to fall in line (you know they refused to listen to ME...with my curly fro, but what ev...i was right in the long run) lol

    you will LOVE mixed chicks!

  2. Thanks, girl! I will research the BB. For right now I'm lovin' my curls!

  3. Girl;
    You had your po' Dad cracking up! Sorry you couldn't escape the gene warpath when your Mama and I did the hook up! But something was bound to get a little out of sorts when we did our "giggy" dance! Ha! Ha! I do like your hair! It's really YOU with the new DOO! So now there's three in your corner when it comes to your latest hair creation. There is always going to be someone who likes to be difficult. Tell'em to STUFF IT! They don't live with ya! Luv ya,
    Pa BEANS & Ma RICE!!!

  4. Hey girl-
    You look great no matter what! If it makes you feel any better, I have wavy, thick, random kinky hair. My mom always called my kinky hairs my "Indian" hairs. Anyway, I have part frizzy and wavy hair, part kinky hair and part straight frizzy hair. It's just a mess. Right now, for convenience sake, I'm using herbal essence mousse to bring out the "curl." I can literally get my hair taken care of in 3 minutes. It looks semi-curly in some spots and straight in others. It's just a huge pain. So, since you look great curly and can do it by being au-natural, I say go for it. You look awesome :)

  5. I am fully supportive of this decision! You know I love your hair natural.