Friday, February 18, 2011

and I'm still bitter....

I'll start off light and end was the hottest day in February I've ever experienced. Of course, the A/C is not on at work and my kids were crazy! We did an interactive activity where they got to work in groups. We work in groups quite often (probably twice a week, if not more) and they acted like this was the first time that I let them do that. So, here I am 6 months pregnant, sweating and almost yelling at my kids. Not a good sight. I'm sure JT was like, "mom, calm down." This was one of those days where I wish I could sit on a patio somewhere and enjoy an ice cold brew. This whole week, I've wanted to unwind with a nice glass of wine and I cannot. This week has just been hectic and I'm so glad it's coming to an end. I can't wait until June is here...I'll have my beer, wine, sushi and my baby boy! Life will be perfect. And honestly, feeling my little man kick and grow this week comforted me in so many ways. I just feel good knowing that he's growing properly in there and getting comfortable (not too comfortable) in his little home!
Oh, JT. How I wish you would turn over. He's kicking now more than ever which I love, but it's on my bladder. I swore he turned over last week because I felt the kicks in my ribs, but this week they're back to being bladder kicks. He's also learned to kick outward (like in a sitting motion) and to use his little elbows and hands. I think he's just stretching, but I like to picture my little Rocky in there boxing in my uterus.
Okay, so I do not do well with change. Even when Barack O coined the term "change" I was reluctant and I probably had good reason to be. I digress. Okay, so I'm going to post some links to headlines that have made me cringe this week. Most of them have to do with changes happening in TX and one has to do with something that happened in my hometown (not my high school though).
North Texas educators alarmed by budget cuts
Senate OKs rule requiring sonogram before abortion
US House votes to defund Planned Parenthood
Kansas High School News says it's moral to execute gays
This is the world in which we live. I'm trying not to freak out about the budget cuts because I do feel my position is secure. However, I do worry about the working conditions. Larger class sizes and less funding are not my idea of a proper work condition for a teacher that wants to truly make a difference. I am fortunate enough that if things get too tough I can leave. I'm so glad that I have my part-time gig at the community college where I can add or subtract as many classes as I want. I'm also thinking of launching an at-home business in 2012 (don't worry it's not Mary Kay or anything I would have to sell), but I want to keep that under wraps for a while.
Defunding Planned Parenthood scares me. We're already cutting funding from schools so kids will be less educated and now that we're cutting funding to a program that educates all people on reproduction and safe sex, we'll have more people getting pregnant. And don't even get me started on the sonogram. I don't think my brain can fully grasp the outcome of this bill...
And finally, good ol' Kansas. I love how those good ol' values of execution and hatred come up. I love my state, but come on. Is this really the Christian way? Doesn't Jesus love everyone and feel that every person is a blessing? Didn't God make us in his image? Those were the Kansas Christian values with which I was raised.
So, I leave you with my frustrations once again. I do apologize...

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  1. Those articles are disturbing. The abotion/sono is just crazy. I just posted on my fb account today an article describing the top 10 attacks the GOP takes on women. One that sticks out is that crimes against (mostly) women-- like domestic violence, staklikng and rape-- will now call the "victim" the "accusor." But all other crimes (burglary, murder, etc) still have victims. Seriously? And in Maryland (I think it's there) they want to cut some early childhood funding because mothers should be home with their kids anyway! WOW! And in SD, they want to make it legal to kill abortion doctors (yes, for real). Sometimes I wonder how people in power got there! It makes me so frustrated, but at the same time I try to teach my children the way we believe and live so that someday they can triumph over stupidity like we're trying to do!

    I'm glad you are feeling your little guy kick away. This little girl was on my bladder (with her head in my ribs) until the 36th week. I always said she was dancing on it because that's honestly what it felt like! I'm sure he'll find his head down position soon and STAY there!