Sunday, February 27, 2011

Soups 2011

who are the soups? when I started this blog we were two very different people than we are today. now as we prepare to welcome JT into our lives, i reflect on the way we were. last night Mr. Soup and I were watching a movie and I go, "aren't you glad we've had two years to ourselves before a baby arrives? What if we would've gotten pregnant right after we got married?" he goes, "I would've been thrilled. Plus, kid or no kid. I'ma do me and we're gonna do us." Cute, right? well sorta. I love the idea that no matter what Mr. Soup and I will continue to enjoy our lives and our marriage. I never want to be a hover mom and I never want to be so consumed with JT's life that I forget about myself. Plus, Mr. Soup won't let me. Sure we won't be able to get a babysitter every single weekend, but we will make it priority to have date nights, dinner with friends, girls' weekends and guys' weekends. Fortunately for us, so many people have already volunteered their babysitting services. We are so lucky!
Mr. Soup is sort of a slob and he's proud of it. So when he says, "I'ma do me." he probably means he will continue to be a slob. I was kinda hoping he'd give that up for JT. I guess I have 3 months to break that habit.
So, yeah who were we in 2009? Who are we now? Well, in 2009 Mr. Soup and I were both in school. I was getting my 2nd master's in administration and he was getting his 2nd bachelor's in social work. I was teaching 7th grade Language Arts. I was coming off the high of planning a wedding. I loved paper crafts and still do. We both loved to have people over for dinner and we loved dinner dates with just ourselves and/or friends. Besides summers with my stepdaughter, our only parenting experience came from loving our two spoiled dogs!
Who are we now? Well, we're both heavier than we were in 2009. I'd like to say all my weight comes from JT, but I hadn't shed the marriage/love weight before I got pregnant. I've gained 15 lbs since getting pregnant and I know I have gained more than that since 2009. Mr. Soup's weight goes up and down. He lost five lbs. just last week just by cutting carbs. I'd be lucky if I lose a pound and a half from cutting carbs.
I finished my 2nd master's, but have no plans to become an administrator (not like I'd be able to find a job anyways with budget cuts). I continue to teach 7th grade Language Arts, but I also teach a writing class once a week at a community college. Mr. Soup finished his 2nd bachelor's and his master's degree. He will start his new job next week and hopes to sit for the LMSW exam this spring/summer.
I still love paper crafts, but I've sort of replaced that desire with finding old furniture and putting it in our home. oh, yes, we're homeowners now. we found a cute, old home that is perfect for our growing family. We still love to hang out with friends, but I am now the sober one. Our dogs are still really spoiled. Some of our weekend dates take place at establishments like Babies R Us and Buy Buy Baby.
So, here we are Soups 2011. I leave you with a JT update. He has learned to take his fist across my belly and to kick and hold his foot out. So cute!

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