Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mini-van Mom

So, each day I can feel the coolness seeping out of my body. I totally embrace it. Why? Because I'm going to become a mom. Moms are not cool. No matter what type of mom you are, you're not cool. Soccer-mom, working mom, MILF, etc. NOT COOL. I know because my mom just became cool a few years ago. Now don't get me wrong, she did lots of cool things over the years (she let me pierce my ears, took me to fun concerts, etc.), but she was a mom. She also did some things that were cool to her, but no one else (shop, visit craft shows, etc.) Mr. Soup and I are fully embracing losing our coolness, so much so that we're seriously considering buying a mini-van. We're thinking this fall, because in between the doctor's bills and new baby stuff, we haven't been able to save really. Plus, we want to try to buy one cash or put down a lot of cash so that our payments are low and short. So yeah, why a minivan and not some cool crossover SUV? Price and Function. A brand new or used 7 passenger SUV would cost us around $40,000. A 7 or 8 passenger mini-van between $20-30,000. My dogs can easily move around in a mini-van without injuring or killing my baby. I will be able to get my baby out of the car seat easily. I will be able to take furniture and clothes shopping to a whole new level. Mr. Soup is more excited about the mini-van than I am. I think he'll drive it more than me! ha! Honda Odyssey is our top choice!
Yeah, so I never really envisioned myself as a minivan mom, but I think it fits. I will be one of those moms who teaches her child rap verses instead of nursery rhymes. My child will probably wear a number of inappropriate onesies (already the proud owner of a kelly green"Pimpin' Ain't Easy" onesie). I will be the mom who invites over her friends for dinner and girly drinks so that they can embarrass JT with hugs and kisses. All these things will be totally uncool to my kid, just as driving a minivan is uncool to most Americans. I embrace it.
I try to picture myself as a mom, but I also keep trying to imagine what type of baby, kid, teen and adult JT will be. Will he learn to crawl and walk early like his dad and sister did? Will he be a dare-devil who isn't afraid to try new things? Will he love to read and write like his mama? Will he be scared of Sam and Maya or will he cuddle with them as we do? What will he study in college? Will he go to college (he better!)? All these things and more I get to learn over the next lifetime with my baby boy! I will also drive him around in a minivan while I learn it!

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  1. Good for you. Embrace it, lady. And never look back :-)