Monday, February 21, 2011

Who will JT look like?

So, from his 5 month sono we've determined he has...
daddy's legs and feet
daddy's head
mommy's nose
daddy's lips
mommy's fingers
mommy's ears
Mr. Soup and I resemble each other quite a bit, so I imagine that it will be hard to distinguish all the features; however, I think he'll look more like Mr. Soup than me and I'm fine with that. Abby looks more like Mr. Soup than her mom. I have my heart set on a little baby that somewhat resembles my family though. the one thing I do not want to pass down to JT was my jaw, but we won't be able to tell if he inherited that until he's older. It's a dominant trait in my family. I get most of my traits from my mom's family (eye shape, nose, think lips, and jaw) and our jaw is one of them. My grandfather, great-aunts, mother, brother and I all have some form of the Parks underbite. Luckily, Ryan (my brother) and I had ours corrected. I'm hoping JT won't have to endure the dental, orthodontic and surgical work that we had done. And Mr. Soup? Well, his family has soft teeth. We're both hoping JT doesn't inherit that. Despite all our concerns, and no matter what he inherits, he'll be a beautiful baby! So, I leave you with a picture of Mr. Soup at 6 months. It will be interesting to see what JT looks like at six months. maybe I'll set up a similar picture!
oh and on another note: Mr. Soup got the job he wanted! Woo-hoo! We'll be able to eat once JT arrives!

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