Monday, June 25, 2012

some updates

I realize I have not uploaded pictures from Joel's 2nd 1st birthday party, but I promise I will soon! Things have been rather busy around here. After his 2nd birthday party, we discovered that we have a leak in our toilet that will cost around $300 to fix. Murad left the following weekend for his little brother's high school graduation (little brother will attend Dodge City (KS) Community College this fall) in North Carolina. While Murad was gone Joel not only got strep throat, but he also had hand, foot and mouth! Not fun! In fact, it sucked because I had a ton of mother/son stuff planned that we could not do. We were basically quarantined.

The following weekend wasn't too busy, but Joel was running a fever (teething)and basically causing himself to vomit because he was chewing on his fingers too hard. Thankfully, we have a possible cure for this teething mess. Ugh! Besides that, we had a sitter Saturday night so that we could attend a surprise wedding. On Sunday, we went to the farmer's market to get some fruit and veggies for the juicer. That's all Murad wanted was fruit and veggies to make juice. Most of my friends' husbands want to brew beer, but my husband wants to make juice! We also grilled the yummy steaks Murad got from the butcher shop and I served them with red potatoes and squash
This past weekend we dog-sat for Murad's coworker. It was nice to have a little dog around the house, especially a cuddler! We also celebrated my friend's daughter's 4th birthday. She goes to the same sitter as Joel and they're pretty much like brother and sister.
I think I've gotten out of my post-job depression. I think I was just worried about finances and the reality that I will probably never work in the traditional sense again. People keep asking/suggesting that I'll return to teaching, but I actually like this new life. While I worry about finances, God has shown us some amazing things in the past few weeks that let me know I made the right decision. Joining my moms group at the hospital has helped tremendously, as has meeting up with other moms. I make it a point to get out of the house each and every day. For now, the plan is to still send Joel to the sitter twice a week. I think it's important for him to still go there and it's a nice break (yeah, right) for me. I usually spend the time working on resumes, cover letters and other things for Ashlea Campbell Writing. I just signed up to be part of a scriptwriting crew for a movie, so I know I'll definitely need those two days.

When I have Joel home our days are like this:
6:00am first alarm goes off for me to wake up Murad
6:30am 2nd alarm goes off for me to wake Murad; Joel gets up and starts beating on the wall
7:00am Joel eats breakfast--usually he eats a handful of Cheerios and barley cereal with a fruit smoothie. Today he had Cheerios and eggs. Sometimes he'll eat yogurt. It's just whatever I can get him to eat.
7:30am we get dressed and he "brushes" his teeth
8:00am he plays with his toys for an hour or so or we read (for like 10 minutes)
9:00am we go on a walk
10:00am we go to a mom's group or story time at the library or to the play place at the mall
12:00pm lunch time - the other day we had leftovers (fiesta chicken and rice), crackers and yogurt. Joel usually drinks whole milk or juice too.
1:00pm Joel goes down for a nap and I get some work down
3:00pm Joel wakes up and eats a snack
3:30-5:00pm play time until daddy gets home
5:00-5:30pm play time with daddy
5:30pm -6:00pm daddy feeds Joel (if he'll eat. he's not big on dinner)
6:00pm - bathtime
6:30pm lights out

So, I know weeks ago I was all moping around because Joel is no longer a baby, but I want to share some things that I absolutely love about him in this toddler-phase!
- Joel loves to dance. All you have to do is say the word "dance" and he's ready to go. Today I picked him up from Rebecca's and they were watching Ellen. Mama Becca (his sitter) goes, "we're just trying to learn how to dance." Joel instantly started dancing. his whole face lights up when he dances.
-Joel doesn't like to sit in a wet diaper. He tugs at it when he wants me to change him. He will, however, sit in a shitty diaper if I let him (which I don't). He has no shame in his stinkiness!
-Joel uses his middle finger to point. at. everything. and. everyone.
-Joel has started initiating peek-a-boo. He hides behind a wall and then pops out and looks at one of us. He then does it again and again. His giggle is just so cute when he does it. He seriously has the best belly laugh.
-Joel loves to be chased. I think it's because he thinks he's a dog.
-Joel thinks he's a dog. he tries to eat out of their bowls. He climbs in their cage. he tries to engage them in play. I think this is part of the reason why he isn't walking yet! LOL
-Joel has taken a few steps here and there. It's fun to watch him get all excited about it!
-Joel has smiles just for me. Joel loves, loves, loves to play with his daddy. They're like best buds. He wants to do everything Murad does. Yesterday, I came inside to get a towel while he and Murad were in the baby pool. I just looked out the window and watched them play. Joel kept looking at me in the window. The smile on his face was priceless and it was all for me. it was like he was saying, "look at me, mommy. I'm your big boy!" No matter how big he gets, he'll always be my sweet bub! He's just too precious.

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