Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Brand New Flavor in Yo Ear!

Some new pics of things I've created or redecorated! I'm not quite done with the Abby/Guest/Office room, so I won't post pics of the ugly unfolded laundry on the bed or the piles of bills spread out across the ottomon. However, I did put the rug down. Mr. Soup absolutely loves it. He said it adds something to the room. The chest looks cute too!

Okay, so about two months ago I bought these two black chairs off of RISD marketplace. I put them in front of the fireplace along with an altar arrangement from our wedding to make a little sitting area. Even though I cannot fully redecorate, I do enjoy changing things around every few months. When Murad goes out of town I take the opportunity to rearrange furniture or buy new furniture. He hates change, but he's slowly coming to appreciate my decorating craze!

The colors for our bedroom are deep blue, scarlet, gold and brown. We got a beautiful gold duvet and pillows along with a stunning red paisley sheet set. In addition, I bought an end table from RISD marketplace and a lamp from Wal-Mart. The only thing I need to get is a brown or gold bed skirt. You can see how well it matches our master bathroom decor. Notice my babies in the pics as well.

Mr. Soup snapped some pics of us sleeping. I had no idea until I loaded pics on here that he did that. You can see that my dogs really think they are human. Maya sleeps with her head on the pillow too! They crack my shit up!

Lastly, I made some mother's day cards this year. I got the idea from Murad's stepmom. She's always calling us her little chicks, so I went with a one cool chick theme for them! I loved making them. I need to make some graduation/congrats on passigng the bar exam cards too. Lots to do! Abby's aunt graduated from high school and will attend a small Lutheran college next fall. My brother graduates this summer from KU. My bridesmaid (and best friend) Christina's husband just recently passed the Colorado bar exam. I'm so excited of all their accomplishments.

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