Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothaf@&$*ing mother's day

I like to use bad words when I'm excited. In my vocabuary bad words can be used to describe things that make me happy and things that make me mad. It's all about context and tone. If only I coud use them to teach these concepts to my students. They would ace the TAKS test.

**Disclaimer* my C key and L key are stuck so if you see a word missing the letters c or l, that's why**

Today was my first official mother's day! Well, not really, but my first mother's day as a stepmom! Last year was my first mother's day as a dog-mom. Maybe next mother's day I'll be a real mom... who knows?

Okay, so Friday night was my friend Melanie's birthday. We went to Manny's in Uptown for dinner. I had heard rave reviews about the brisket tacos, but I was too scared to try them. Big mistake, but oh well. We had a good time, drinking, eating and celebrating everything we love about our pal, Mel.

Saturday night Murad and I joined Christina and her friend Lashundra at the Taste of Addison. It's basially this outdoor fair, but on a smaller scale. They have some rides for kids, live bands (Foreigner was there! "I wanna know what love is...") and then a whole bunch of food stations run by different restaurants in Addison. Well, guess who happened to be there? Manny's Tex Mex Restaurant. Turns out they have an Addison location too. Murad and I had the brisket tacos and loved them. Murad hates Tex Mex and he was like, "these are damn good!" He even liked the did I. Murad also tried crawfish for the first time. Nate's Seafood was there and they had 1 lb. for $5. Murad was all over that. I think we found a new favorite for him. In addition to those fine foods, I had the sampler from Texas De Brazil (bacon-wrapped chicken, sausage and steak) Murad had the steak from there. I love Texas De Brazil, but it's extremely expensive and you really have to love meat to eat there. All they do is bring you meat. So, trying the samper for only$7 was great! We also had cookies from Nestle Tollhouse and then finished the night with our favorite....FUNNEL CAKE. We were stuffed when we got home. All the walking and eating made us tired so we conked out at 10pm.

I love that the weather is changing. I love going to outdoor events. This time of year is just so fresh and wonderful. Unfortunately yesterday was rather gloomy, cold and overcast. However, being outside with my husband and friends made it fun. We had a great time laughing and experiencing good food!

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