Saturday, January 1, 2011

Good-bye 2010 and Pop2K

This post was really special to me because not only did we say good-bye to 2010, but to a decade! Wow! Pop2K is the name of the radio station on my XM that plays music from 2000-2010. Okay, so here's a run-down of the highs and lows of 2000-2010.
2000--celebrated the new year with my HS friends. A friend's parents hosted a drinking party (a big no-no in the book of parenting). Nevertheless, it was a blast and lots of memories were made. In May, I graduated from high school and headed to KU in August to begin my freshman year as a jayhawk! I lost my uncle (May 2000) and grandma (December 2000)
2001 -- said good-bye to my 1990 Ford Thunderbird and received a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee. This started my love of red vehicles and to this day I still drive a red(dish) car. I'm already eyeing my next car...Red Honda Odyssey....yep...I'm getting a mini-van in this new decade. In November, I started dating my first (and only) college boyfriend. In December, my future stepdaughter was born (I had no idea). my favorite place to hang out was The Hawk. My favorite place to eat was Quintons
2002 -- got my first on-campus job as a Writing Consultant. received my fake-ID. got dumped by my boyfriend (jerk!). This was also the year we discovered my dad had a brain tumor. In August 2002, he had the tumor removed.
2003 -- turned 21 (and got schwasted and kicked out of a bar!) worked as an Orientation Assistant. traveled to Colorado with OA friends. lost my grandfather (August 2003) my favorite place to hang out was Brothers. My favorite place to eat was Einstein Bros.
2004 -- went to Padre Island for spring break with friends. graduated from KU with my degree in Education. moved to Kansas City to begin my master's degree and internship. new car: Red Volkswagen Jetta same one I have today! student-taught at a middle school in the suburbs of KC.
2005 -- interned at a HS in KCK, graduated with my master's degree in Education. Stepped out of my comfort zone and moved to Dallas, TX. began teaching junior high English.
2006 --met my husband at an airport. served as a bridesmaid in 2 weddings (and attended numerous weddings) in the Cayman Islands and one in KC. Mr. Soup moved to Dallas. My favorite place to hang out was Greenville Ave. (blah) and my favorite place to eat was Fireside Pies
2007 --turned 25! got engaged! took my first trip to meet my in-laws in NJ (also my first trip to that area), began my 2nd master's degree (a degree I'll never use), made new friends at work
2008 -- lost my cousin Philip (November 2008)
2009 -- got married, graduated with my 2nd master's, mr. soup graduated with his 2nd bachelor's.
2010 -- 1st anniversary cruise to nowhere (supposed to be Mexico, but it wasn't) (March), bought our first home (May), started teaching Developmental Writing at a community college (August), found out we're expecting our first child (October), Mr. Soup graduated with his master's (December).
What's in store for 2011?
-Well, if the Eagles go to the superbowl, so will the Soups. Luckily Dallas is hosting this year. If they don't go, we'll watch the superbowl on TV with friends!
-welcoming our first baby together (June)
-who knows???

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