Friday, January 7, 2011

Why my husband is an awesome dad (to-be) and husband

Sometimes I marvel at how much technology has enhanced our lives. Other times I cringe at how much a part of our lives technology is. It invades our lives. Sometimes I'm amazed at how much I know about other people's lives thanks to facebook and other social networks. Sometimes (like now) it really reminds me how lucky I am to have married my ultimate life partner. I don't pretend that my husband is perfect. He's not all! He smells sometimes. He's very impatient. He can lose his temper easily. However, with that comes passion and excitement. I married a man who loves with all his heart! So after a week of reading disappointing relationship statuses and just disappointing statuses in general, here is an ode to my husband! Okay so really it's the top reasons why he rocks as a dad and husband.
1. he's super excited about Baby Soup! Everything related to babies is like a new puzzle for him to solve. He's constantly reading books, websites (he frequents the Bump) and articles. That article I put on the refrigerator about raising a child in Muslim/Christian household sat up there for months. Now that we're pregnant he's read it and was prepared to do an hour long book study last night. Not kidding! He's there for every doctor's appointment (he missed the last one, but that's okay)
2. he works extremely hard. After graduating with his master's he's been on the search for a better paying job. In the mean time, he's working horrible shifts and a job he doesn't like to help save for the baby. He could take his time and work his regular schedule, but he's not.
3. he appreciates travel, good food and good times as much as I do. Even on the days where money is tight, we find ways to have a good time. he loves to travel whether it's by plane, boat or car. Together we always make each other laugh and we comfort each other when things go wrong. We both want travel to be an important part of Baby Soup's life. We both want to eat good food and continue to have good times with friends and family. We both want to continue living life, so that our children see how great life can be!
4. he's accepting. I know that no matter what happens to Baby Soup, he will be there to love and support him or her. As an expecting mother, I worried about all the things that go wrong developmentally (thankfully, there are none!). Mr. Soup did too, but his confidence that we could get through it and strive to be the best parents possible really helped calm me. It helped me remember that God doesn't give us more than we can handle. Thinking to the future: We discussed how we would react if one of our children was homosexual (not that I think anything is "wrong" with homosexuals). He was so calm and accepting. He said, "it may be hard to accept at first, but I'd get over it. Plus, it'd be fun to go hang out in the Gayborhood with them." One of his favorite restaurants is in the Gayborhood, so we head over there some. Lots of nice eateries and lots of fun bars. Isn't he great? Very few men are that open and honest about homosexuality and that comfortable with their own sexuality.
5. he's already a great dad. have you seen him with Maya and Sam? He's on the floor every day with them, playing, rolling, and biting (yes...biting)them. He truly treats them like man's best friends.
even though he could've abandoned my stepdaughter when things got tough, he didn't. there have been multiple times (including when he first found out about her), that he could've thrown in the towel and it would've been so much easier. however, he didn't. someday I hope things work out so that she can fully experience her awesome father.
so yeah, my husband rocks pretty much! Can't top him!

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