Saturday, January 1, 2011


Mr. Soup and I really wanted to go to Vancouver before Baby Soup arrived. However, that's not going to happen. So, we're thinking of going next year.....with Baby Soup (like when he or she is closer to a year) Anyone been to Canada with a baby? Anyone have some great vacation spots for babies? One thing Mr. Soup and I want to do with our kiddos is travel. We want to start that early on because we want them to see the world (well maybe just the US and islands with us and the big countries later on).
Here are some I was pondering. Let me know if you've vacationed to any of these spots with kids or if you have any ideal baby friendly vacation spots:
Canada--we've always wanted to go here. I can't see why it would be bad to bring a baby
San Antonio--we can drive. there's a beach. seems ideal
Cruise--I hear cruises can be nice for babies. However, I'm worried about the shore excursions. Honestly, Mr. Soup and I's favorite part was the nightlife (ie: drinking and dancing), so we would miss that with a baby. We have 20% off our next cruise until December 2011. Not sure if I'd want to bring a baby that young on a cruise or leave my baby when he or she is that young.
Since we won't be able to take any full vacations alone (at least not in the 1st year), we're thinking of taking a long weekend trips alone. any ideas? I'm thinking we won't get to KC this year since Mr. Soup is being inducted in the South Jersey track coach hall of fame. Maybe we'll take a trip to KC to see old friends...ooh...I like that. We could even bring Baby Soup? Oooh! I'm so smart! Okay, thanks for your help fellow bloggers!


  1. Teach your kid to be adventurous early! Buy one of those backstrap things for dads and go wherever the wind and cash can take you :)

    I still recommend Vancouver. Too beautiful to pass up!

  2. Canada is amazing, so beautiful. It's like Colorado in high def. I would think anything up there would be just fine and dandy with a baby. Grand Cayman is also on my list of places to take our kids, but maybe Im biased to that location??? :) Could you do some sort of Disney cruise or call the cruiseline that your voucher is through and ask about a baby friendly cruise?

  3. Not sure about a beach being in San Antonio, it is a little land-logged, but Clay and I have been three times, it is great! I would recommend not going during peak summer travel times though, the Riverwalk is a pretty narrow area to walk when it gets crowded and you will melt during July/August. Maybe late May, early June would be great. Hotel Contessa is such a great place to stay, it is on the quiet side of the Riverwalk but close to everything, and they accomodate babies really well (oh and did I mention it is quiet)!