Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Different Kind of New Year's & Resolutions

Well, for the 2nd year in a row the Campbells have stayed in for New Year's. We got invited to a couple of parties, but we're still in the "only family and friends babysit Joely," mode. So, we opted to party a little bit at home. Maybe next year we'll be more apt to leave him with a sitter.

Murad and I picked up some steaks and shrimp. Murad cooked the steaks and I made a shrimp/rice pilaf and champagne cupcakes. Joely was super-lame and went out to sleep at 7:00pm. I fell asleep around 9:30p and woke up to Murad jumping on the bed at 11:58 with sparkling cidar. We stayed up and watched the ball drop. I then watched old epidsodes of Tosh.0 (love that show) until the west coast ball dropped.

Today we did little things around the house. Murad cleaned out the gutters and helped me work on putting together a linen cabinet for the master bathroom. We mostly just spent the day with Joely. We reflected back on how great 2011 was for us and what we look foward to in 2012. We have some pretty big milestones as I turn 30 (January) and Joely turns 1 (May). We also have some traveling to do as we'll travel by plane to Philadelphia again in May and we plan to make a trip Kansas to see family in March. No summer trips planned,but I'm hoping that maybe we can do a weekend in Houston or San Antonio if we can't afford to take a big trip. Here's a short recap of 2011:
January - my 29th birthday and we found out Baby C was a he!
February - big snowstorm!! missed five days of work!
March - Murad and I celebrated 2 years of wedded bliss! Murad was inducted into the South Jersey Track & Field Hall of Fame
April - Wichita baby shower
May - work baby shower, 5 year annivesary of when we met, 1 year anniversary of closing/moving into our home, gave birth to Joel Tariq Campbell
June - my parents and my in-laws came to see Joely
July - we started getting more sleep
August - Joel was baptised at my home church in Wichita, Joel started daycare
September - Joel had his first ear infection
October - State Fair of Texas
November - Joel's first plane ride
December - Joel's first Christmas / hospital visit oh and on December 31st, Joel ate his first Gerber crunch!
So what are my New Year's Resolutions? See below:
Eat better
Now that Joely is eating, Murad and I are trying to be better models. My goal is to buy our produce from local growers. Luckily, we have a great farmer's market down the road!

Achieve my career goals
I feel like I spent most of 2011 defining my career goals, and now I want to go after them. I need to stop being afraid of the risk and do it! I feel like I've put lots of things in place, but I have yet to really act on them.

Get Organized
Who doesn't put this on their list? Laundry is my biggest foe. let's hope this linen cabinet helps!

Pay down debt and put more in savings
I always do a good job at this, but always good to have as a reminder

Put more money in Joely's college fund
because damn it's going to be expensive to send his ass to college!

Read More
I've really slacked off on reading. I used to read every night before bed. I'm lucky if I can keep my eyes open before my head hits the pillow.

Gain some weight
I know this seems weird. I've lost all the baby weight and then some, but now I'm not able to nurse as well. My goal is to nurse him (not exclusively) for 13 months so end of June. Right now I'm only nursing twice a day and he's no longer getting pumped milk during the day. =(
People have asked what I've done to lose weight, but I don't have a magic trick and my stomach still has lots of extra skin, so it's definitely not cute. I attribute my weight loss to a few things:
-Joel is my first child and it's easier to lose weight after the first one (or so I've been told)
-eating smarter. I eat a lot! I snack throughout the day and I don't limit myself. I just make better choices
-drinking more water
-active child - When I left the hospital in May, I immediately lost 10 lbs. Then I lost five more and then I was stagnant. When Joel hit about 5 months, the rest of the weight just dropped off. I think I lost 20 lbs in a month. Joel is much more active. He's not crawling, but he finds ways to get into trouble. Plus, I have a tendency to pick him as much as I can for hugs and kisses. It's like lifting weights.
So, while I'm glad I have lost the baby-weight, I'd rather pack on a few pounds so that I can pump more and nurse him more. I'm totally not against formula, but man does his breath stink when he drinks it!
That being said, I do miss Joely being a little baby. I'm thinking maybe in 2012, I'd have another baby? Nah! Just kidding! I'm cool with just Joely for now, but I'm getting to a place where I'll consider trying for another baby in late 2012 (like December 31st) or 2013. I'm not gonna lie though, I am totally content with Joely. In fact, I cannot imagine my heart opening up anymore because he has totally stolen it. I just want to spoil him rotten forever, but I know that will change. Right? Well, nevertheless 2011 brought so many blessings to our lives. I cannot wait to watch our son grow into a little boy in 2012.
*disclaimer. I'm using Internet explorer and it's super slow. For some reason Firefox isn't working. So, I apologize for all the typos!*

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