Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sad post

So, M missed passing his social work licensure test by 4 measly points. He had done so well when we studied, but that four hour test killed him. I just don't know what to do or say to make him feel better. He really wanted to get a better job so that I could work part-time. Recently though, I decided that I still want to work full-time (I thrive on getting dressed and going to work each day), but just not at my current job. Maybe this is the motivation I need to find a new job or career.

On a positive note, he plans to take a prep course and take again in April. I'm really impressed with his ability to bounce back. The thing is, I know he is the best social worker out there. That damn piece of paper is the thing keeping him from helping people. The part that really kills me is that his score is passing in other states. All of those who sit for the LMSW exam take the same exam. The state determines the cut-off for passing. I wanna send a big Eff you to the state of Texas. I know when he passes, this will all be behind us. April isn't too far off so please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.I just hate for his heart to hurt like this! I love, love, love him and want this for him so badly. Seriously, he is the BEST social worker!

In other areas of our lives, things are going pretty well. Besides hating my full-time job, I'm loving teaching a new course at the community college. I'm so excited for all the things we're going to do this semester and my students are eager to learn. Ashlea Campbell Writing is taking off! This is truly what I needed! I love writing and the challenge associated with it. I'm gaining more gigs. Since one is a start-up company, I haven't received my dough yet, but they're launching this month!!!! I did my first guest blog entry and although I didn't make any money, it was really therapeutic for me. I wrote about what worked in our blended family. Even though things aren't the same with Abby, it was nice to revisit the good times with our family.

And to end things on a not so depressing note, Mr. Joely is growing, growing, growing! This week, we transitioned into 9 month pants! He's getting so long. As I type this he is rolling and scooting across the living room. For someone who can't walk or crawl he gets around. He's so freaking curious! I love it. I also love how he squeals when Murad walks into his room. He loves, loves, loves his daddy. He also can't stand to be away from me. This is a feeling I can't describe in words. I love feeling needed and wanted by him. I know in 12 years he'll be pushing me away.

Since the weather is nice, we may take a walk in the park. Let's hope I don't get bit by a dog again! And on that, we're outtie!

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