Friday, January 6, 2012

Joely Likes

-biting, especially people's (mommy's) breasts. he even smiles after he does it.
-throwing toys - any and all; everywhere. I started putting small toys on his highchair tray to distract him while I get out his food. He picks them up and then throws them and laughs
-he likes lifting toys over his head, especially his My first story reader and steering wheel
-attacking other babies at daycare. Abuela and I truly think he wanted to play, but the other baby was not having it!
-grunting at the dogs
-feeding the dogs
-crunchies (they're like Cheetos puffs for babies)
-pulling mommy's face
-pulling blankets over his head and then pulling them off
-kicking everything, especially when he's on the changing table
-splashing water

Joely dislikes

-afternoon naps (really naps in general)
-being forced to sit up
-not being able to crawl to get a toy that's out of his reach

That's our Joely! At 7.5 months, he's such much fun to watch. He's such a learner and observer. Even though my sweet newborn has been replaced with a toy-chucking menace to the nursery, he's still such a sweetheart. Every morning he reaches for me and pulls me in for a big sloppy kiss and then wraps his arms around me. He's a good 15 pounds, but he's growing longer which makes me think I should wash some 9 month clothes this weekend. I cannot believe how quickly this time has gone. I miss my baby, but I'm in love with this little boy.

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  1. Sounds like such a sweet boy! I can tell he loves mommy :)